Whoa, Summer!

I'm not even sure how it's already September 1st. I feel like Summer passed in a flurry of activity and monotony. There were lots of good moments... and also several not-so-good moments. But overall... it was simple. And that's exactly how summer should be, right?!  

I unintentionally took a break from social media this summer. No Instagram and no blogs for almost a whole month. While completely unplanned, it was incredibly refreshing. It gave me time to reflect on where I wanted to go with this blog... what I want to represent in my feeds... what I want to focus on for the remainder of this year and the years to come. I'll begin to share that in the upcoming days and weeks... I hope.

Next week we head back into the school routine. Kindergarten for one, fourth grade for the other. While I'm looking forward to the schedule the school year provides, I'm absolutely dreading the return of waking to an alarm clock. (Just like years past, my boys finally figure out how to sleep past 6am in the final days of summer.) This weekend will consist of some last days of summer activities, as well as some last minute back-to-school shopping. But today, I choose to focus on lazing my way through the [almost] last day of summer break, which feels incredibly fall like with weather in the low 40s and a crisp scent in the air.

More soon friends.