Five Things & A Finish!

Whoa. I cannot believe that we are days away from the end of May already. While I realize that every year seems to pass a bit quicker, and every year seems to be a bit crazier... I've never felt this behind, or this overwhelmed, by general LIFE before. Oy.  

Since it's been so long since I last posted... I'm going with the first five random tidbits that pop into my head, ok?!

1. It's May 29th and it feels like March. Today marks Memorial Day, but it was only in the forties, was raining, and I was told that it flurried in the early morning hours. WHAT?! I can't deal with all this global weirding. 

2. Last week I turned 42. How did THAT happen?! In my head, I'm perpetually 28 so this was a real shock to me. I can't even wrap my head around this fact. (But the wrinkles and the weirdly placed weight are doing a great job convincing me...) 

3. I have a new client (actually, two) and while every new client brings a learning curve to the table, this has been a relatively easy transition. Way more work than I was expecting out of the gate, but also way more creatively challenging. I'm pushing myself in new ways for both clients and it's very energizing to be in this mode again. 

4. I'm in a home-purging phase again. I tackled the basement and garage for a few hours this morning, and I will probably tackle a closet or two tomorrow. Or maybe some cabinets. It's very gratifying (and slightly horrifying) to see the bags of trash and donations pile up.  

5. I could really use some Netflix and book suggestions. I'm currently binge watching old CSI episodes (why, I don't know) and need a book palette cleanser after a couple of really great, really intense reads. (I need a beach read next!)  


See, random list! 


While I haven't been blogging much, I have been sewing. Sadly, I've started three new projects and only finished one. That's not really how this whole "finish things before you start new things" idea is supposed to go... But it's a pretty sweet finish if I don't say so myself! This was item No. 7 on my last WIP list... Presents for the Twins! To recap, my nephews turned 1 in February. I started a gift for them, hated it, and started over. Then February Break happened, and then Spring Break, and then the next thing you know... the new and improved gift is getting to them in May. Luckily, they are too young to notice. While there were several goodies in their birthday box... the highlight was... 

Fishing Sets!! Their daddy is an avid fly fisherman, so these were definitely on my "mental must make" list for them. So when gift number one fell apart... I moved on to these. And I'm so, so thrilled with how they came out! 

Each boy got a pail of fish... complete with a patchwork initial...

Inside are six unique stuffed fish, with a little metal ring to "catch" them by...

And each boy got a little fishing rod, complete with a "fly" at the end (concealing a magnet) with which to catch the fish!

I'm totally biased, but I think it's the cutest thing ever. Next, I'm making my dad's cat some fish filled with jingle bells to play with... 

{I used this tutorial for the fish aspect.}