Five on Friday : Happy Things

I've had a really fabulous couple of weeks. I find that I don't often (maybe ever) post about the positive that happens and tend to focus more on the negative. Maybe it's because I'm worried that it will come across as "braggy" or "selfish"... maybe it's because life just seems to be really hard lately... but today I choose to post five things that have happened this month that just really made me HAPPY. Really happy. 

1. It's been sunny and warm-ish this week. While this past winter has been exceptionally mild... there's nothing that makes me feel like the end is in sight more than opening the windows. And open the windows I did! (I even left them open all night one evening... gasp! That was a little odd, but I will take it!) Soon we will hear the sounds of people working in their yards and kids playing outside until it's dark. 

2. Last weekend was full of culture for us. On Sunday, Doug and I went to see a touring Broadway show, "Rent." It's one of my all-time faves and it was so incredible to see it again... It brought us back to the 90s completely. (And the cast was fantastic!) On Saturday, our family went to see the annual Korean Culture Show put on by the Korean Student Associations of Brown and RISD. Again, it was incredible... I don't know what I enjoy more, the hefty dose of Korean culture (both traditional and contemporary) or watching the boys soak it all in...  

3. Up until a few years ago, I was what I would call a foodie. I think most people would. Not crazy adventurous... but adventurous enough to keep it interesting. I. Loved. Food. Then some medical issues reared their head and a whole lot of my favorites got taken away. Then Milo joined our family and cooking for his intolerances and my restrictions made it... hard. I just didn't enjoy food the same way as I used too. But the past few weeks, our meals have been on-point (thank you Instant Pot) and something we can all enjoy. I'll probably never be able to eat the same way as I used to... but to have several days of back-to-back food bliss?! Amazing. 

4. For the first time this year, I feel like I'm actually making forward progress on housekeeping, rather than just keeping my head above water. This past week, I tried a bunch of new homemade house cleaning products and I love how they are working. While I've been using "natural" products for years now... this is the deepest I've delved into the creation of the products and it makes such a huge difference. Not only in the appearance (and feel) of the surfaces in my home... but how I physically feel after cleaning. (Not that I wouldn't adore having a housekeeper, mind you.) 

5. Happy Mail. The month started off with an unexpected surprise from a fellow adoptive mama... in the form of a book by Denyse Schmidt. (Who I adore!) It was in the mail when I arrived home from this month's quilt guild meeting... so it was extra serendipitous. I've been enjoying leafing through it when I have a few minutes of quiet. Denyse is someone who is so inspiring to me, so I'm savoring this for sure. A local friend also left a book on my stoop for me unexpectedly. "There is no one who would enjoy this more than you..." read the note. And she's right. I get so hung up on what I "should" be reading that I forget to include what I WANT to be reading... I also received a few monthly subscriptions (socks) and orders (photo books) that I have been saving up for. 


Ah! Five things that make me happy. What a great way to start Spring Break! Happy Weekend everyone!