Five on Friday : Out like a lamb???

{Posted on Sunday, cause that's how I roll it seems... SIGH.}

 Sunrise last week. Stunning

Sunrise last week. Stunning

Whew! I feel like it's been a whirlwind of activities and "stuff" over the past three weeks. I feel like my days have whizzed by in a flurry of activity, yet I struggle to recall what has happened exactly. One week consisted of errands, a snow day that didn't actually result in any accumulation (or snow... although a good portion of the northeast got buried), taxes, appointments, meetings, and work. One week has been more social-centric...but just as exhausting. And this week has been back to work and appointments. Scattered throughout all of this has been cold after cold after cold going through the house. (Mixed with cold spell after cold spell after cold spell.) I'm ready for April, that's for sure! 

So here's the five things that bubble up to the top amidst all that craziness...  

1. I've raved about my Instant Pot before. Here I go again. Last week, I made three successful, everybody ate them, meals. This week I made two. This is in addition to the three meals I already had under my belt as successes. What does this mean?! I'm two to four meals away from having a substantial collection. Enough to create a monthly meal plan at least since some of them are re-purposed into other meals, and we always enjoy the one-off meals of grilled food, pasta and veggies, etc. My goal is to head into April with a monthly meal plan and the shopping lists that accompany them. Wouldn't that free up a lot of my time!?

2. As I said above, last week was filled with social events. I've had coffee and breakfast with friends, coffee with parents interested in the school our boys attend, play dates for the boys, and last Thursday was a fundraiser for the school at a local restaurant. I view the fundraiser as a win-win-win. The boys get to see their classmates outside of the school, we get fed, and I get a night off from cooking. The unexpected bonus was how excited the boys were to see, and socialize, with their facilitators outside of the classroom environment.  

3. Last Sunday, we had our monthly Korean Culture Camp at Brown. It's always such a great time for the boys... and it's nice for me to be able to not be "on" constantly. The lessons on Korea, the Korean food, and the Korean-based crafts are just a bonus. :)  

4. I had two quilty finishes last week. It's safe to say that I'm not going to finish all eight items I was aiming for this quarter ... or the four I was realistically hoping for. BUT, I did make forward progress on two other projects and kept up to date with the monthly clubs I'm doing, so I'm content. I think. That said, I WILL do better next quarter. 

5. I have so much to do around the house... I don't even know where to start. I'm overwhelmed and realize I just need to start *somewhere*... but I'm struggling to find the motivation to do that. While I haven't been keeping the house up, I've been doing lots and lots of reading. You can check out my updated list on my "Books I've Read" page. 

And as a reward for reading all that whiny boringness??  

A couple of photos of the boys...  

 {Really, this sums him up quite well. Sadly.}

{Really, this sums him up quite well. Sadly.}

One of the dog...  

And a couple of videos. One of February in 30 seconds and one of March in 30 seconds.