Five on Friday : In like a lion...

And just like that... it's March. Seriously... how did that happen?! Oy.  

1. We survived February break. As I mentioned previously, it was a mix of good and bad. Overall, I wish it had gone better than it did... part of that was on them, but part of it was on me. I realized that I approached the break as though it was a vacation. And while it technically was a vacation from school... it wasn't actually a trip. Or a getaway. While I LOVE waking up and having a day with nothing on the agenda... my kids don't. It actually stresses them out. So having multiple days without plans was my fatal mistake. I "planned" too many lazy days at home "doing what we want" and not nearly enough activities. Cause guess what?! What I want to do and what Spencer wants to do and what Milo wants to do... NOT THE SAME STUFF. Not even close. And apparently, we can't all just go to our own corners and do what we want on our own. Not sure why that possible issue didn't occur to me prior... but live and learn I guess. So... we'll be going away for April break. 

2. The past two weeks have been filled with so.many.appointments. and lots and lots of playing catch-up. I've wrapped up a few lingering projects and started a new one... but it hasn't been my most productive week ever for sure. I've found that I've been easily sidetracked because of random "life" stuff. That, and we've had several nights of multiple wake-ups and I am just flat-out exhausted. I really, really need to quadruple my sleep and productivity levels next week though! Seriously. 

3. I was productive the few times I snuck into the craft room though! I finished a quilt top that was inspired by the Lucky Spool "Mighty Lucky" challenge of the month for February. The creative prompt was built on the concept of cross stitch (another past time of mine!) and was very inspiring. Here's some images of my finished baby quilt top...

{I'm training my boys to be professional quilt holders. We have a way to go yet...}

I am also anxiously awaiting some time to work on the clue for month two of the Mystery Puzzle Quilt Along that I'm doing... and I had a few crafty splurges in the forms of craft books, patterns, and fabric. So much for not accumulating this year. 

All that is productive beyond my expectations.... but I also had my modern quilt guild meeting this past Saturday... not only is that a treat I look forward to all month long, it was an extra special treat this time since we had Denyse Schmidt speak to our group. I've admired her work for so, so long now... It was AMAZING to hear her speak about the creative path she's taken. I also scored these goodies and I am still lovingly gazing at them almost a week later.  

AND... as if Denyse Schmidt wasn't enough... we are also doing a Mystery Half Square Triangle exchange. (I'm almost 100% sure I messed up the name of that...) In order to partake, all we had to do was to bring 16 half square triangles measuring 6.5" in cool colors using Kona solids. We placed them in a ziplock bag with our name and then at the end of the meeting, picked our bag back up with a whole new assortment of squares. It was so exciting to get that bag back! Next month, it's warm colors. I've got my fabric picked out and can't wait to whip those up. We will exchange for four months and then share our finished quilts in October. EEK! 

The squares I brought: 

The squares I got: 

4. For months now, I've been trying to work up the courage to give freelensing a try. Freelensing is an artistic approach to photography that requires you taking your lens off your camera and manipulating it to get a plane of focus. While I love the soft, vintage vibe this technique offers, I am VERY nervous about doing it. Exposed sensor, lens and camera being held [jostled] while trying to get a subject in focus. I finally worked up the courage to try... and while I have a long long way to go and many many things to learn... I'm hooked. Now if only I had a cooperative human subject.... 

5. Aaaaannnddd... to wrap up my five things... we are in the midst of a snow storm right now. It was mid-50s and sunny yesterday and it's snowing (and accumulating) today. Last time I measured it was just shy of 6 inches of snow. While I realize we live in New England and in a time when the world climate is breaking... it still baffles me. Weather is weird in March. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed waking up, looking for the school closure notice, finding it, and starting off my day slowly and lazily... no where to go and no reason to get dressed. Of course, that joy has now worn off as the three of us are done being cooped up in the house together and it's no longer a novelty. 

So I'll leave you with an image I took... not today... but the last time we had a decent snowfall. I adore these two ramshackle sheds that sit in the middle of a field. I especially enjoy them when it's snowed and they pop against their surroundings. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

And yes, in case you were wondering... I did forget to hit publish on this until Saturday. That's how fried my brain was last night...