January in 35 seconds

{I didn't realize that this never published. So... let's have a little flashback to January, shall we?!} 

Last year, a good friend shared her latest app obsession... 1 second everyday. It's pretty simple... you take a video clip everyday, import your clip into the app, select your "second" from the clip.... and it magically pastes it together into a video. (You can also take your video in the app... but I found that I wasn't getting the app up and running quick enough to do that. Some of these moments are fleeting!) And it really was magic! I couldn't wait to see her videos at the end of the month... and when the new year rolled around, I knew I wanted to make my own "everyday" videos. 

I wasn't feeling super inspired to do another photographic P365... or even a P52. I was burnt out and in need of a creative respite. BUT... I didn't want to "lose" a whole year and I knew that was exactly what would happen if I did *nothing* to document our everyday lives. This app provided the perfect solution... it's one second of video, captured with my iPhone, and pieced together with an app. It took away enough of the control that I knew it wouldn't be a stressful creative burden on my shoulders... but it still left me with a fun, creative product to look back on as the year passes. 

One month in, and the proof is there. One second captured everyday... and as much as I feel that this month was a complete wash due to illness... the video below says otherwise. In with all the "blah" are quite a few moments of fun and joy. I'm already giddy to see our whole year in one second increments!