Five on Friday : February

And just like that, February is basically over. How does that *always* happen!? Yowza. OK, we have what... four more days? But seriously. Every year... whoosh! That said, I'm excited for March. March always seems so much more manageable. Maybe because we are that much closer to warm weather? 

Speaking of warm weather... I'm writing this week's "five things" in front of an open window, listening to the birds chatter, and enjoying the 60-something breeze blowing through... very unusual for February in "Mac and Cheezits" (as Milo would say) And... now that the scene is set...


1. This week has been a mix of both good and bad. It's school vacation this week and it's always just harder than I expect it to be. I think that life, in general, with two high needs kids is hard... but I never acknowledge exactly HOW hard it's going to be for a 24x7x9 timeframe ... I only really acknowledge it as I am crawling to the finish line. We intentionally didn't have a lot of plans... so hopefully they enjoyed the couple of things we did do that much more. (Doubtful, but...) I'm pretty sure they didn't enjoy the four days of behavior boot camp that kicked off our week though. Maybe they will remember THAT as we head into April vacation?! Anyway... VERY glad that Monday is just around the corner. Not sure who will be more excited to drop them off at school... Hayley or me. 

2. I met with a friend and former colleague for drinks on Wednesday night. And that turned into a new working relationship... one which I cannot be more excited for!! I'll be sharing more details soon, once we actually hammer them out. I think it will be amazing though and I smile every time I think about it...

3. I mentioned in my last post that I accidentally deleted ALL. MY. 2009. PHOTOS. I am very, very, very happy to share that Drivesavers was able to recover many—if not all—of them!!! Can we all breathe a deep sigh of relief on that!? This is proof that one moment of lost focus can be really, really bad. (Because I DID have them backed up on an external drive and I DID have them backed up on the cloud... and I blew it ALL away with one silly click-and-drag.) I'll be making a more concerted effort in the coming months to actually PRINT my photos now. 

4. QuiltCon East is currently happening in Savannah right now. One of my all-time favorite cities. I had this twinge of desire to go when I heard about it... but at the time, I was working at the gift shop and freelancing and at the height of some of M's issues. I was barely sleeping, never mind sewing! There was no way I was in the right mindset to attend. Nor could I justify the expense of attending. Today they announced next year's location. Nashville. Uh, yeah. I can't even tell you how long I've wanted to visit Nashville. Years and years! The husband has been warned. I'm already planning for NEXT February break now. I don't know if I'll get it to work out but wouldn't it be amazing if it did?!?! (Melissa, we're going to finally get that cup of coffee if I pull this off... right?!) 

5.  Today has been productive in terms of work, chores, and quilting. It's the trifecta and it very rarely happens! I'm trying to revel in the fact that I completed four loads of laundry, cleaned the boys rooms, cleaned a bathroom, broke down a TON of boxes in the basement for recycling, made an improv quilt block, walked the dog, edited a file for a client, spent some time organizing computer files and started the taxes. I think that calls for dinner at our favorite pizza place... don't you?!


Enjoy your weekend friends! 



The view at the way back of our yard. Kind of creepy... but also kind of cool!