Silver Linings

A difference of opinions. And illness. 

And that pretty much sums up what's been happening here in the past couple of weeks. 

It took me way longer than I expected to get over the flu. I'm sure that flying solo for a good portion of that didn't help. And I *know* that having "spirit week" at school while flying solo and getting over the flu didn't help. Because when I'm struggling to get everyone up, fed, dressed (or walked in the case of the dog) and out the door... the last thing I want to be doing is dressing people symmetrically or like someone famous from the 1800s. Is it just me or do all moms dread spirit week?! Bah! 

Add in that whatever my plan/agenda is... the littlest people in the household feel that we should be doing the exact opposite (even if it's what was previously agreed upon by ALL) and complain non-stop...  


Stopping the complaining right now and moving on. While I could continue to complain about all the bad (an unexpected four day weekend stuck inside due to a blizzard), and the ugly (accidentally deleting EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. From 2009. From ALL my devices.)... I'm going to make this all about the good.  

So, in no particular order... 

1. I had a quilt guild meeting at the beginning of the month. It always inspires me and just makes me HAPPY. (And inspired.) 

2. Doug had a birthday.  

3. We survived spirit week at school.  

4. It's February break and while I'm somewhat dreading it... I'm happy that pajamas can be worn for hours every morning if I so choose.  

5. While I made a silly, silly mistake and deleted ALL the photos from the year Spencer came home... Drivesavers was able to recover almost 1,800 of them off a hard drive. The drive arrives today and I am so anxious to see (and BACK UP) what they found. 

6. I haven't had much time for crafty pursuits... but have gotten a lot of reading done. And that's good for the soul too. (I think I read six or seven books in the past two weeks?) I also watched a whole lot of TV... which is not quite as intelligent sounding as "I read a lot of books."

7. I may have a new freelance gig. One that has NOTHING to do with Design. Or Photography. Hmmm...

8. I went to an essential oils class this past week. While it was hard to finagle, it was so, so worth it. The more I learn... the more I want to learn about them. 

9. While I find it hard to believe that it's already the 20th day of February (How did THAT happen?!?!?!), I'm happy with what I've accomplished amidst all the illness and difference of opinions. I've managed to keep up on my daily project of the year, stay on top of work, and keep everyone in clean underwear. The house is somewhat of a disaster, and I'm only slowly catching up on emails... but... it's been worse. 

10. It's supposed to be warm(er) and sunny this week. I'll take it after all the snow, ice and rain of the month.  

And there you have it. Ten little bits of good mixed in with all the not-so-great.  

And now I'm off to finish dinner and get these little people in BED. Cause hey... it's February break and that's EXHAUSTING.