Five Things on Friday : The Flu

Here we are... the end of the month, and illness still circulates. I feel like I mention it every week... but it's been so schedule altering (i.e.: obliterating) that it kind of deserves a mention. It makes it hard to do these posts... but I'm committed to finding my writing mojo again! This post is late due to the fact that the flu took me down on Friday. But a whole lot of rest and fluids and I'm feeling much better... So let's just jump in:

1. Spencer has chosen rock climbing as his extracurricular activity for the spring. It makes sense since he absolutely loves it, is a natural, and it expels all his excess energy. He's gone three times this week and I had to drag him out of there every time. This decision of his also convinced me that it was time to take my belayer certification course and test. I was able to receive the course as part of his membership and went on Thursday during school. I was so incredibly nervous... but it was a lot of fun! This hobby is so less intimidating now that I understand the physics and technology behind it. Now we can go any time and he can climb, as opposed to getting a belayer appointment or during open climb when you can beg for someone to belay you. (Which, as you can imagine, Spencer has become quite adept at.) I also had to climb as part of the class so I could feel what the climber feels. People, I have a significant fear of heights. I pretty much thought I would pass out as I stepped up to the wall... but my instructor was awesome... and guess what?! I zoned right into it, and made it to the top of the 35 foot wall!! I'm so proud that I owned it and really excited. The upside that someone should have pitched me earlier is that when you are climbing, your brain cannot worry about one other thing. All my energy was focused on not falling and where my feet and hands were going. No time to worry. And I worry a lot. Shutting my brain down is incredibly difficult ... so that climb ... while terrifying... also very peaceful. I see the habit forming already. 


2. I've been toying with the idea of an "Instant Pot" for quite some time now. I never pulled the trigger because I felt like 1. It was yet another kitchen appliance and I have more than my fair share and 2. It was intimidating! While text chatting with a friend last weekend, she convinced me to try it. Dinner in half an hour sounded amazing, but what put me over the edge is perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs in mere minutes. Spencer eats eggs pretty much every morning for breakfast... and when he requests hard boiled, I cringe inside. NO MORE! Holy cow people... BEST EGGS EVER. Next I'm going to try poaching them. Then a roast. Then rice. Then soup. Basically, I'm wanting to cook ALL the things... ALL. OF. THEM. And once I put them through their paces, I'll be getting rid of my two slow cookers, my rice cooker, my egg cooker and my popcorn maker. Totally worth getting *yet another appliance.*

3. And while we are talking about said friend, she and I bartered this holiday season... holiday card design (using her incredible lettering) for a journal with a quote of my choosing on it. The journal arrived the other day and it's beautiful. I adore her work (and her!) and have purchased several things from her shop... but this blew me away. It's perfect for working on building my acceptance of self and my resilience to both current and past events I have no control over. 


4. While I've been under the weather, it's been the perfect excuse to climb into bed and read. This week I finished "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper," started and finished "Leaving Lucy Pear" for the second time. (I adore the author's writing style.) I picked back up "Swing Time" because I want to pass it on to a friend, and I also started "Magyk" ... one of my book choices for the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge. (More on these books on my Book Page soon.)

5. Our plans were light for the weekend, which was perfect for recovering... but this week has a lot happening and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. Even though 3 out of every 4 things is enjoyable... it just feels like... A. LOT. So I'm going to try for another low key night. Hopefully with some fabric. We shall see. 


Hope you all had a great weekend!