2017 Finish-A-Long : Q1

Sooo... I attempted this whole Finish-A-Long thing last year. I did really well in Q1... and then... nothing. AT ALL. In fact, I could probably transfer the Q2 proposed finishes over with the exception of the one thing I finished. In December. Sigh.  In my defense though... last spring and summer were ROUGH with working, taking care of the house, and the husband, and kiddos who went through some pretty rough medical stuff during that time. And I had a bunch of "stuff" I had to wrap my head around as well. So all things crafty really took a backseat. 

That said, new year, new goals. And a ridiculously long list of WIPs! I had no idea how many things I had going right now. It's embarrassing. So, short story made long, I'm back in the Finish-A-Long game. And, I am going to carry over all the items from my list from nine months ago. And add a couple more that I "discovered" as I was cleaning the other day. Oh lord. 

So... starting with the ones that have been lingering longest...

 1. The "Hannah" Halloween Quilt
I have not one, but two, Halloween quilts in progress right now (one for each boy, natch). While I made a halfhearted attempt in September to finish this before Halloween, I didn't. And then I didn't touch it at all since. So I'm thinking it will be first or second up this quarter. While I have most of the blocks together, I still need to piece them together and maybe add a border? Hoping to take this to flimsy stage this quarter so it can be shipped off to be quilted and bound.

2. Perfect Ten Halloween
Staying in the Halloween vein, I'm also adding in the other WIP Halloween quilt to the list. This one is a lot farther behind than the other one, but it would be nice to ship them off together to be quilted similarly. All I have is the stack of fabric and the pattern, "Perfect Ten"... Again, just hoping to get it to "flimsy" stage this quarter.

3. Winter's Lane... Something.
Last year, I finished my Winter's Lane Jelly Roll Jam quilt. (And it's back from the longarmer and absolutely gorgeous!) The final layout I ended up with left me with some pieced remnants. Enough to do something with... And while I do have some ideas in my head, I'm keeping my options open right now. This one will be finished completely by me since I think it's a great opportunity to practice my machine quilting.

4. Winter's Lane Quilt
And then, there is the actual quilt. I've had this back from the longarmer for a YEAR now. EGAD. Yet, I still can't get around to trimming it, making a binding, and binding it. Really?! That just goes to show how insane life has been here... 


 5. Zen Chic "Drunkard's Path"
Oh friends, this one has been hanging around way too long in it's sad, unfinished state! I started this just about a year ago and have been making baby steps... slowly. Very, very slowly. Here's where I was last year:

And here's where I am today:


igh. It's a solid start, but I think I've still got quite some way to go. [So much for the whole "you can do this in a day" claim so many made.] I would ideally like to get this to lap size or larger... but I'm less than halfway there. And while I LOVE it... I'm feeling a bit defeated on this one right now. Hoping to get a flimsy, but don't be surprised if this is on next quarter's list too. 

 6. Creeper Quilt
Yet another stagnant project. Oy. The oldest has been asking for a Minecraft quilt for quite some time now. He was envisioning creating himself a quilt with all the different characters on it. But, I'm not really sure that he or I had the patience for it. So instead, we are focused on the creeper, which is his favorite character, and making a pixel-y quilt. This was a project we were working on together... I was helping and he was kind of driving it all. We got the blocks cut and two rows sewed together. And then... he lost interest completely. Of course! So now I have a bunch of green pixels to sew together, quilt and bind. Part of me wants to abandon this, but I already have everything except for binding invested already. So I most likely won't abandon it... but it's not high on my list either. So we shall see. Right?! 


7. Tricky Triangles
Another carry-over from the last list. The short story is that I found this pattern in a magazine quite some time ago. The top was finished OVER a year ago, but then it sat while I figured out what I wanted to do for the backing. (I also really and truly struggled to sew all those triangles together and needed a break.) The answer came in the form of an incredible find. See those three solids below? They are actually tiny cords... that I found. on. CLEARANCE. $2.99 a yard. SCORE! Clearly, it was meant to be because the colors match perfectly! I have a design plan in mind... but it needs to be pieced, and basted, and quilted. Hoping to complete this one here since I have very specific quilting ideas. (This is my oldest WIP, but still has such a long way to go it feels like...) 

8. Christmas In July
I've been wanting to do a simple patchwork Christmas quilt for... oh, four years now. Has it happened? No. Have I made sure to buy christmas fabric at every opportunity? Yes. Do I need yet another Christmas quilt? NO. Do I want one? YES. The insanity needs to stop. I have enough fabric to make a quilt large enough to cover this house. Last week, I had kiddos home sick from school so I took the time to trim out 375 squares from 100 different fabrics. Now I just need to tumble them to mix them, and then I will start piecing them. I figure if I use them as leaders and enders, I can get a solid start this quarter. My reach goal is to get this to flimsy stage along with the Halloween quilts, so I can ship them all at once. (It's probably NOT going to happen.) 


Note: My inspiration is from Crazy Mom Quilts, but as my photo illustrates, it's going to be a tad bit brighter ... and crazy... than hers. :) 

So ... essentially the same list as Q2 last year, just swapping out a holiday quilt for a different one. Let's hope that THIS quarter I actually complete some of these though! I mean, it's only HALF my list and that's assuming I don't start anything new... which is HIGHLY unlikely since starting things is my strong point. Gaugh.