Five on Friday : Wacky Weather Week

The last time I visited this space, I had no idea that our area was due to get a blizzard within the following 24 hours. It wasn't until Friday evening, as I scrolled through Instagram that I caught wind of this issue. A favorite store posted that they were going to be closed due to the parking ban. Then an organization I follow posted that people should check for closings before going to an event. Huh. Those two posts prompted me to check the weather... to learn that we were under a blizzard watch. The lesson here? I need to watch more TV. Those annoying scrolling bars at the bottom would have been helpful here. It made for an interesting weekend, that's for sure. There was a quick scramble late on Friday night to acquire groceries and then another scramble Saturday morning to run the rest of the errands. Then, we hunkered down and watched the snow accumulate, while also watching movies and eating popcorn. 

Flash forward to the evening and we had a foot of snow on the ground and drifts up to 18 inches. (The boys were thrilled) 

Flash forward three more days and all the snow was gone and it was in the high 50s and sunny.  

And some people say global warming isn't a real thing... 

And now for the five things of the week: 

1. I'm starting a "Books I've Read" page for the year. You can find it here. I finished some great books this week... "America's First Daughter" tops the list by a mile though. SUCH an interesting read. I'm also working on finalizing my Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge list... there are a few categories that are really giving me difficulty!  Soon though. 

2. I still had sick kiddos home from school again this week, so I'm thrilled that I was actually able to work on my WIP {Work In Progress} list for all those quilts I've got going. First, I'm horrified at the length of this list. But I'm also really inspired to work at shortening it. It's hard to deny how bad it is when you see it in writing! I even knocked out binding a quilt during the blizzard. And I continued by working on a few blocks for another quilt. Baby steps. (But baby steps on a goal for the year... so still a big deal!) I'm currently toying with the idea of participating in a Finish-A-Long group... 

3. I've started to put away the holiday decorations. I'm much later than normal this year, and it's going much slower than in years past. I'm trying to consciously pay attention to what I'm packing, where I'm packing it, and the order in which I'm storing it. I'm hoping to avoid the disaster that is our house when the decor is going up by organizing the system some. I'm also simultaneously weeding out what I don't want in rotation anymore. This has proven harder than I thought. Lastly, I devoted a lot of effort to perfecting the mantle decor this year and I think that's part of the reason I'm dragging my feet. It just makes me so happy to look at it! 

4. We are at an all time low in terms of behavior and attitude from the youngest members of the household. I was chalking it up to the excitement (read: insanity) of the holiday season... and then to the general ickiness of congestion. But now... now I feel like we need a massive re-boot here. I can't handle the sass and freshness, the naughtiness, and the outright disobedience. It's constant and embarrassing. I'm often ashamed at how my children are treating each other, us, fellow students, teachers... basically everyone. And if I hear "I just" or "But" or "Actually" one more time... I. Will. Lose. It.  Sadly, these phrases are the minor offenses in the grand scheme. But, probably the thing that will be the final straw. If anyone happens to know SuperNanny... give her my number, okay?!

5.  I have been completely uninspired to pick up my camera this year. I've taken a few photos here and there... and purchased a bunch of photography software after Christmas... but the photo jojo just isn't there right now. While I'm hoping this "blegh" attitude passes quickly... I'm also trying to embrace the freedom this gives me. I've been documenting my days in a new way this year... so there isn't the pressure of the p365 in addition. But... I miss shooting so I'm hoping I find my way back to photography soon. (Especially since I'm really tired of sharing iPhone photos here.) In the meantime, I'll just keep quilting!