Seven Things on a Sunday

{Hey, that works... right!? Five things on Friday, Six things on a Saturday, and Seven things on a Sunday. No?} 

Diving right in because I really need to buckle down and write some serious posts. Or at least substantive posts. 

1. The boys' school participated in Lemonade Day last Saturday. Spencer and I went to volunteer... And in his case, sample ALL the goods. Now if only it had gotten warmer than mid-40s, was a little less windy, and didn't rain. Maybe next year. 

2. I'm currently obsessed with the iphone game INKS. I want to print and frame the images that the different levels create. I've added this to my other obsessions of Neko Atsume and Juice Jam. No wonder I have no time to blog anymore. Ha! 

3. I found a great deal on a used-but-you-can't-tell Fuji mirrorless camera this week. So I'm not the owner of a new camera body. What's this mean? Nothing much since I don't have the funds for a lens yet. But it really does make me want to get the Nikon ready to sell. (It's off for one final cleaning and service. I always feel better selling my gear knowing it's been checked out by the pros.) I'm not sure if this is my forever camera yet... but it's a GREAT step in the right direction. 

4. Last week was one of those weeks where you just wondered "What is going on!? Is it a full moon?!" It was just... off. So, so off. Lots of bad days, bad moods, and unnecessary confrontations in my life last week. (And those of you who know me, know I avoid those no matter what.) I finally chalked it up to it being a Friday the 13th week. But I'm very, very glad to be heading into a new week. 

5. We made some forward progress on "All things Milo" ... this really requires a whole post... but suffice it to say, it was good and bad, and I alternate from being incredibly relieved to completely overwhelmed. But some good momentum on things for him. This will hopefully continue after some "Team Milo" meetings this week at school. Hopefully. 

6. I've had NO TIME to craft. And that really, really didn't help the prior two items on this list. I feel much more balanced when I am carving out crafting time. Maybe it's because it's alone time... maybe because it's time for me in a crazy phase of life... maybe it's because I'm more balanced when I prove that I am MORE than whatever is going wrong elsewhere. I'm not really sure why it is, but it is. 

7. And the MOST IMPORTANT thing for the week... We met my twin nephews!!! The boys are absolutely smitten. Again, this deserves a whole post (with photos), but I think these two quick snaps speak great volumes about how Spencer feels. (And I swear Milo was there, I just wasn't able to monitor Milo with baby AND take photos.)