Five Things on Friday...

Lately, I feel as though the little moments are slipping by. I feel that life has reached almost a frenetic pace where small moments are brushed aside as we rush to the next place to be, the next thing to do. I think I need to focus on simplicity next year... but until then... I want to focus on intentionality. (Is that even a word?!) 

One way I think I might get there is by trying to take time to stop and focus at the end of each week. Hit pause on life and reflect on what was, instead of what's up next. I'm not one to meditate so this won't be a long exercise, but I think that it won't take long for five things to bubble up from the week. Right? Regardless, I think it's important to the soul to learn from where we've been. Good bad or indifferent. 

So, in honor of that:

Five Things on Friday

1. It was April vacation week for the boys. While we missed most of it due to Spencer's inability to travel far from home, we did get some nice downtime in and the boys got special outings with both the nanny (The park and the zoo) and myself ("The Jungle Book"). We also ALL really enjoyed lazy, lazy mornings at home. 

2. The weather has been incredible the past few days and it makes me excited for what summer has in store. (We've got big plans for the yard this summer.) 

3. Spring weather makes me want to completely redecorate. I never do, but one day it may just happen. I feel like I'm not the norm on this front. I feel like most people redecorate in the fall, before all the holidays. In the meantime, I help friends who actually do redecorate. I snuck out after bedtime one night this week to help a friend drink wine and work on her son's room. 

4. The warmer weather also made me realize that we have no warm weather clothes for Spencer. A few shirts, but the majority of the ones I packed up in the fall will head over to his brother. Considering most of our favorite stores are no longer in the mall closest to us... this means a shopping day. With Spencer. Lord help my wallet. 

5. Good coffee makes me really happy. I've known this for quite some time. But what I've been missing is my fancy coffee drinks that I used to indulge in. I miss them not only because they are delicious, but because I think that I would actually savor them and slow down. I think there is something therapeutic about strolling the aisles of Target with a Salted Caramel Mocha. I need to find out if it's possible to make some of these coffee drinks at home without dairy or soy milk or coconut milk. Then take them and savor SOMETHING while drinking them.

That's it! Now it's off to do some yard work and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day. 

Happy Friday Everyone!