The State of Stuff

Whoa. And just like that... five weeks has gone by since I wrote here. Well, wrote here about something other than quilts. 

Maybe that's because I'm tired of saying that it's been a tough haul in recent weeks. I feel like every update or snapshot post I do, I start off with that. But the sad thing is, it's actually true. For example, Spencer is finally rounding the bend after battling rotavirus for nine days. NINE. DAYS. I can't even explain how much CLEANING that entails. Not to mention how long those nine days felt for EVERYONE. I may be scarred for life. Meanwhile, Milo and I battled nasty colds. And while a cold is no rotavirus (thank goodness!)... it's hard to be the parent I want to be when I'm trudging uphill. 


Let's look at the positives for a bit, shall we?! Because it's easy to focus on what's not going right and wallow in all that is going wrong. So, some good stuff happening over here. 

1. The boys got decent report cards in the second trimester of school. Milo's was actually better than he probably deserved. (Way to go, working the benefit of the doubt kid.) Spencer's could not have been more dead on... we never expect rainbows and unicorns (and there weren't any) ... but we read it and thought, "Man these teachers *know* our kid!" And that's a good feeling to have. The other good feeling is when you see your child finally gaining educational ground as opposed to losing it. 

2. We went away for Easter weekend! The boys had a long weekend for the holiday, so we took advantage and headed for the mountains. While the snowboarding was less than ideal, the town was adorable and the food was AMAZING. Seriously amazing. I've actually craved a few of the dishes we had in the weeks since. And it was just nice to have a change of pace for a few days. 

3. I enrolled in a photography class since I really want to push myself farther in that respect. I'm so, so excited. (Also a bit broke, but whatever.) 

4. I finished a bunch of craft projects. And I honestly can't contain my smile when I see them. That's a good feeling. Now I want to save up for a quilt ladder to display them all! 

5. I think we are close to having an English birth certificate for Milo! Oh man, that would be awesome. We'd be DONE then. Completely and totally done. Then maybe I could focus on the whole "updates for the foster families and the birth families" thing. 

6. It was SEVENTY degrees yesterday. Fresh air and sunshine makes everyone happy. 

7. Uh... I don't think I have a seventh item. Isn't that sad?! I need to be better about recording the little moments of happiness I guess?!

And because there will be nothing for my dad to look at if there's no photos, some of my faves recently...


So there you go. The state of stuff here. I'm telling myself we are just in a rough patch and the end is near. But I guess only time will tell. I WILL say that it was wonderful to be back here, writing again. I'm already feeling better!

Happy Week everyone!