Taming the Wild WIPs, Part Two

How in the world is it already April?! Oh my word. Time really does get faster as the years go by.

April, while somewhat incomprehensible, also indicates the start of a new quarter. And for me, that means another Finish-a-Long list to make. But before I throw out my new list, let's take a moment and reflect on how the last quarter went for me. 

My 1Q FAL list had six projects. And while I hoped to finish them all, realistically I thought I might knock two or three off my list. I conquered four of them. Four! That's 2/3 of the list. I'm actually pretty proud of that number. Considering what little time I have for crafty pursuits these days... I feel like that was very productive. 

That means two of those projects were not finished. In fact, they weren't even touched. But I'm not letting that get me down! I'm taking one of them and carrying it over to this list, and adding to it from there. 

Without further ado...

1. The "Hannah" Halloween Quilt
I have not one, but two, Halloween quilts in progress right now (one for each boy, natch) but this is the one that is constantly toppling over in the cabinet or hogging space on my sewing table. So it's up first. I didn't deal with it at all last quarter, so I'm thinking it will be first or second up this quarter. (Last quarter, I mentioned that I thought all the pieces were cut. I'm not actually sure this is the case so it may be a slightly larger project than I'm thinking since I am out of fabric of this "look.") Hoping to take this to flimsy stage this quarter so it can be shipped off to be quilted and bound. 

2. Perfect Ten Halloween
Staying in the Halloween vein, I'm also adding in the other WIP Halloween quilt to the list. (Brother's quilt, of course.) This one is a lot farther behind that then other one, but it would be nice to ship them off together to be quilted similarly. All I have is the stack of fabric and the pattern, "Perfect Ten"... Again, just hoping to get it to "flimsy" stage this quarter. 

3. Winter's Lane... Something.
Last quarter, I finished my Winter's Lane Jelly Roll Jam quilt. (And it's back from the longarmer and absolutely gorgeous!) The final layout I ended up with left me with some pieced remnants. Enough to do something with... And while I do have some ideas in my head, I'm keeping my options open right now. This one will be finished completely by me since I think it's a great opportunity to practice my machine quilting. 

4. Zen Chic "Drunkard's Path" 
Oh friends, this one is currently one of my favorites and one of my least favorites. Why my least favorite?? Because there is a bit of shame involved in it. The short story: I've been on somewhat of a fabric fast these past few months. But then, I drove my co-worker to my LQS for some lessons and some supplies. While she was learning... I was looking. And this sweet little bundle of fabrics just called to me. (And by "bundles" I mean the bolts lined up so pretty on the shelves.) I've been eyeing the owner's "Cheater Drunkard's Path" for quite some time, and she kept telling me "You can do this in a day! It's so easy!" ... so... here we are. A lot of money later. Sigh. It's a solid start, but I think I've still got quite some way to go. [I'll be taking this whole "in a day" claim up with her the next time I see her.] On the upside, I love it. So that's good. 

5. Creeper Quilt
I'm really, really hoping that the photo below screams "Minecraft Green" to you all. The oldest has been asking for a Minecraft quilt for quite some time now. He was envisioning creating himself a quilt with all the different characters on it. But, I'm not really sure that he or I has the patience for it. So instead, we are focusing on the creeper, which is his favorite character, and making a pixel-y quilt. I know I've seen tutorials... now I just need to pull it all together. With my helper. We will be completing the quilting too. So... send wine. I'm gonna need it. 

6. Christmas In July
I've been wanting to do a simple patchwork Christmas quilt for... oh, three years now. Has it happened? No? Have I made sure to buy christmas fabric at every opportunity? Yes. Do I need yet another Christmas quilt? NO. Do I want one? YES. The insanity needs to stop. I have enough fabric to make a quilt large enough to cover this house. So it's time to just start cutting and piecing. My inspiration is from Crazy Mom Quilts, but as my photo illustrates, mine will be no where near "quiet"!! :) 

7. Tricky Triangles
Have I never blogged about this quilt before? If I have, I can't find the post. The short story is that I found this pattern in a magazine quite some time ago. The top was finished last year, but then it sat while I figured out what I wanted to do for the backing. (I also really and truly struggled to sew all those triangles together.) The answer came in the form of an incredible JoAnn's find. See those three solids below? They are actually tiny cords... that I found. on. CLEARANCE. $2.99 a yard. SCORE! Clearly, it was meant to be because the colors match perfectly! I have a design plan in mind... but clearly it needs to be pieced, and basted, and quilted. Hoping to complete this one here since I have very specific quilting ideas. (After "Make a Splash" this is my next oldest WIP, so really hoping to cross this off the list this quarter.) 

8. Christmas Love Quilt
This quilt is what happens when you fall head over heels in love with a complete line of fabric, and a simple pattern at the same time. In the midst of all the holiday craziness last year, I really needed a quick finish ... something for me. The Moda Love pattern fit the bill perfectly. I finished it in a weekend, and still can't get over how happy it makes me. I put it aside though since, holidays, and then kind of never took it out. I have a machine quilting pattern in mind though and I have engaged a local machine quilter to take it on. If her list and timing doesn't shift, I should have it late this quarter to bind. This is really a reach goal for me because... eight projects. That's a LOT. 

And there you have it. The Q2 FAL list. If I'm being honest... I don't have high hopes for this quarter. There is a LOT of work here, and I'm not sure I will be as productive now that the weather is warming. Hoping to finish two of these, I'll be thrilled with anything above and beyond that. But I'll never know if I don't at last try. 

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