Snapshot #23 : Fri-Yay!

I have so much I want to share these days... and so little time to do it. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.  I've written several "heavy hitting posts" but need to get the courage up to hit publish...

I am...

Thinking: That I'm ready for a break. We've had two very hard [back-to-back] weeks here at Spencer & Milo, Inc. As always, there are a variety of factors that play into this... And as always, it's both exhausting and exasperating. Every corner we turn brings us to just another long, dark alleyway to walk through. Well, that's what it feels like. I'm drained. My well is dry. I've got nothing. Once we slogged through January, I thought that maybe we would turn the corner... but nope, February was status quo... and in some cases... worse. March is proving to be worse than both January and February. Honestly, the only thing March has going for it right now is that no one has thrown up this month. That's really not a stellar report. Pity party over... moving on. 

Thankful for: Very, very understanding teachers at the boy's school. Two warm days in a row. Sunshine! Playgrounds. 

Wondering: What color to paint the hallway. 

Trying:  To re-adopt Milo. Or to validate his foreign adoption. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. Luckily, this doesn't HAVE to happen. 

Buying: A custom portrait of the boys. Some new shirts. And maybe some fabric. Maybe. {By maybe I mean definitely and by some I mean a lot.}

Cooking: Ugh. Nothing to write home about. Or write here about as the case may be.

Snacking on:  Toast with hummus and avocado. Mmm. And cookies. So... balanced. 

Drinking:  SmartWater. Why have I not discovered this before?! 

Pinning:  Vegan recipes to try and quilts I want to make. Sooo... same old, same old?

Crafting: I've been working on my Wild WIPs list and a new quilt along series. 

Reading: Since it's been over a month since I last reported on this ... a TON. What bubbles to the top of my memory: "This is Where it Ends" (Amazing!), "The Chronos Files" (good...), two advanced reader copies not worth mentioning, "The Little Prince" (Eh.) "Everything, Everything." (again... I loved it that much!)...

Watching: "Party of Five," The Final Season of "Downton Abbey," and the normal prime-time suspects. Anxiously awaiting the return of "Outlander" ...

Playing: Referee and Motivational Speaker. Usually before 6:30 am and without coffee. There should be a gold medal for this. 

Listening to: Randomness. Podcasts such as "What to Read Next" and "Candid." Song requests from the backseat, including "Downtown" by Macklemore, "Bang Bang," and "My House" by Flo Rida. Also listening to constant bickering these days. Sigh. 

Discovering: That my co-workers care a lot about the trials and tribulations of the boys. While they've been going through their stuff, I've received emails and voicemails from them with bits of encouragement. They've also been brainstorming solution ideas, knowing how dry my well is at this point. 

Enjoying:  Warmer days. And soon to be longer days! 

Hoping: For a good spring. Come on 2016... this is supposed to be a GOOD year! 

Celebrating: Completed taxes, a signed deal that Doug has been working on for a while, and some personal milestones of mine... 

Starting: New Quilt Tops!

Finishing: Quilt tops! (Hey, a fair trade is progress... right?!) 

Future Plans I'm excited for: You know... I'm not sure right now. There's a lot simmering out there but I'm not getting excited quite yet. Soon.

Kid Funnies: 

Spencer:  He had a math presentation in school today. The project was based on money, so he wrote/composed six math word problems based on money. He then needed to present them to the class so that he could prove he understood the concept and his solution. When I asked him if he wrote the problems (meaning, did he come up with them from his mind), he responded "Oh no, I TYPED them!!! Did you see how long they were?!"  


Milo: Has been hysterical lately. Which is a really, really good thing because otherwise... oh boy. 

In the store, an older woman asked Milo how old he was... in a somewhat condescending, saccharine voice. Without missing a beat, Milo responded, "I fee. How old YOU??!!" 

During our difficult February, I was pouring a large mug of coffee. Similar to a vat. Milo quickly got upset and said, "NO! Dat too much!! Save some Daddy!! No want him cranky!!!" 

While working on the quilts in the previous post, Milo came into the room. Upon hearing that they were for the babies who had yet to be born... "But babies not come out yet!! No need presents!! MiYo here! MiYo need present!!!" 

"Cumumber" [cucumber]

And some of my favorite photos recently...