Merry Merry & Happy New Year!

Whoa. Anyone else feeling completely exhausted right about now?! I'm ready for a long winter's nap myself... 

As in years past, the holiday passed in a whirlwind of celebrations. The boys were out of school the week leading up to the holiday which added a bit more "interest" to all the last minute preparations I had to take care of... and I upped that ante by volunteering at school several times the week prior to that. To say that it was a frantic few weeks would be an understatement. 

But the holiday was happy and healthy... good food, good times, and all that. (As well as lots of frustrating moments involving overtired, overhyped kids. People tell me I will miss these days in ten years. Not so sure right now.)

Now we are preparing to travel to PA to celebrate with my family... the fun keeps on rolling here. (It will be a good time with good food, I'm sure. I'm referring to the fact that my kiddos are still over-hyped and over-tired and now I need to do laundry and pack bags to boot.) 

It's also that time of year when I look back on the year and see how I did with those goals I set back in January. 

Oh, boy. 

If you could see me... you would know that I am both cringing and laughing as I re-read the post where I laid them all out. Ironically, I even knew I'd be doing this as I made my list. At least I am self-aware if nothing else...

While I feel that I made forward progress on several of these goals... I don't feel that I can actually claim completion on any. And some of them are just complete and total FAILS. (As in, the whole second half of the list.)

I've been thinking about my 2017 goals for a few weeks now. While I don't have a definitive list yet... I also don't see a lot of overlap with last year's goals. Not sure if I need to revisit some of these or just move on. I do, however, seem to be reaching for tangible, trackable goals again this year. While I didn't succeed with my trackable, tangible goals last year... I think that it is the better option for me at this point in my [crazy] life.

We shall see... I still have two days or two weeks depending on how efficient I plan to be. 

I find this time of year so hard for so many. (Myself included.) The expectations are that one should be filled with joy, peace, and happiness. And in this little corner of the world, it's simply not the case. So while I wish you all joy and happiness at this time of year... I also wish you peace with yourselves and your feelings... whatever they may be. Sending you all thoughts of joy and happiness as we turn the calendar page to 2017. I wish all of you who take time to read my mundane thoughts the best year yet. XOXO.

And, a bit belated, but the sentiment still remains: