I'm back! I think. Let's just forget that whole unintentional five month break, shall we?! Good. 

Moving on...

Summer came and went. 

The boys grew. A lot. 

I quit my job at the gift shop due to some stuff going down on the home front. It gave me a ton of angst, but was absolutely the right move. 

I started up a freelance photography and design company. I got a lot of work right away. I'm not going to lie. That felt really, really good. And really, really overwhelming. 

In true Spencer and Milo fashion... we had an assortment of Halloween costumes. Thank goodness, since one child could not decide and the other pulled an audible an hour before trick-or-treat time... 


Otherwise, same old same old... Well, not really. But we'll cover that in upcoming posts. Life. It's never boring around here. 

For now...

HELLO! Is anyone still out there?!