Six Things on a Saturday

{Remember way back when, when I did "Five Things on a Friday" posts?! Yeah. I barely do either... but I am trying to get back into the swing of things...}

So. Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room. Or the polka-dotted pachyderm as I feel that is more appropriate term for the topic...

1. The election happened. And that's about all I can say about that. I've been so disgusted and depressed throughout this whole campaign season that I'm mostly just relieved that it's over. That said, I'm heartbroken about how divided this country seems to be. (I have many, many thoughts on this election... just ask my husband or my coffee klatch... but this is not the forum for them.) 

Moving on...

2. I've been working more than I thought I would be this week. (Great distraction, in case you were wondering.) Not necessarily by choice, but I find that kind of goes with the freelance territory. Luckily, the biggest freelance job is about to ship off to the printer so it shouldn't be as crazy in the coming weeks. I've also got some personal projects going... It's a good mix! I like the balance of paid work and fulfilling work. Hopefully I'll be able to share more on the personal projects soon.

3. I've been spending a lot of time "doing things" for the boys' school. It ranges from making phone calls re: field trip stuff, to designing stuff, to helping on a fundraiser or two... it's awesome and a ton of fun, but I hit the wall with it all this week. Hoping that I'm refreshed on Monday now that this big freelance job is off my plate. 

4. I consider myself a "maker." I also consider myself a "shopper." So when I had the opportunity to shop preview hours at a local "maker made shop," I jumped at the opportunity. Add in that I had an appointment less than a mile away ... it was meant to be. You guys. I was in heaven. Such a gorgeous curation and display. I wanted it ALL... But even just being there, browsing (ok, ok and buying)... It was so, so good for my soul. It was exactly what I needed this week. Local friends, definitely worth a peek! Check out hippo, located in New Bedford.

5. The boys are both hitting milestones at school. Spencer just brought home a 20/20 vocabulary test!! (I think that is a first!) Add in that it's a REVIEW week test, and that makes us even prouder. (Review weeks are where they study the previous six weeks of words, then get tested on twenty of them.) Sadly, Milo's milestone is on the other end of the spectrum where he just can't seem to get it together these past few weeks and has spent a lot of time sitting next to a teacher since he can't control himself otherwise. Sigh. One day, I won't be a basket of nerves going in at pick-up... right?! 

And MOST Importantly....

6. We brought home a new member of the family today! We've been considering adding a dog to our family for a couple of months now. I think Doug was really only on board because the alternative pet seemed to be a bearded dragon which seems to give him the heebie-jeebies. Every time Spencer would lobby... Doug would counter with a greyhound. So I pounced! I've been watching the rescue groups for greyhounds in the area for a while now. When Doug seemed receptive to the idea... I looked a little more intently. Yada yada yada... We went to meet a dog today and home she came! For those of you who were around when Roxy was still with us... well, you will see that we certainly have a "type" when it comes to greyhounds. 

Meet Hayley: 

She may look similar to Roxy, and she may act similar to Roxy... but she's already making it clear that she's HAYLEY. (The name she was born with.) She's just over two years old and is as spunky and as sassy as they come. She's tiny and hasn't quite given up puppy behavior so we've been on our toes so far! She raced exactly ZERO times and seems very keen to learn more about what being a couch potato involves. She's also been very tolerant of two boys who are SOEXCITEDWEHAVEADOG and always willing to play. This afternoon she went on a walk and met two human neighbors and one canine neighbor and wasn't shy or timid with any of them. After that, she broke in all her toys with the boys and romped in the yard with them a couple of times. I'm not sure who will sleep sounder tonight... the boys or the dog. We are looking forward to seeing her settle in here. 

How's that for ending the week on a high note?!