Snapshot #22 : The January Blues

How is it already the eve of February?! Time flies. Even when you are not having fun. 

I am...

Thinking: About my book choices for the 2016 Reading Challenge I am partaking in. I’ve got almost all the categories decided. Now I need to start reading! I’m also considering audio books for some of these.  

Thankful for: Health. (For now, at least)

Wondering: This was, for a variety of reasons, a tough month for us. I feel like this has happened over the past several years… I wonder if I need to emotionally start the New Year with Lunar New Year. 

Trying: I’ve been successful in taking a photo every day this month. Now I need to be successful in taking a good photo every day. 

Buying: Nothing worth mentioning… how sad is that?! 

Cooking: Lots of slow cooker meals (’tis the season for it!)… and some of them have become new family faves… pulled pork, spaghetti and meatballs, and beef stew. Tonight was salmon (not in the slow cooker though), always a winner here. 

Snacking on: Extra Toasty Cheez-its and ALL the valentine chocolate. (Not at the same time though.) 

Drinking: I’m obsessed with hot water and honey lately… 

Pinning: Quilt pattern ideas, homemade lotion, recipes, and knitting patterns. 

Crafting: LOTS!! And I am so happy about it. I finished three quilt tops that have been in progress for way too long, and have made progress on some longer term tops by finishing individual blocks. I’ve also been on a cross-stitching bender as well… working on both “Pretty Little New York” by Satsuma Street and “The Pumpkin Passport” by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. (That one is a “monthly” club where each month you are sent another piece of the pattern. So I’m trying hard to stay on top of that one.)

Reading: So. Much. “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu (really enjoyed it), the “1929” series (loved book one, despised book two, liked book three… on book four now), and a few advanced reader copies. One I slogged through, one was ok. Up next will be one of my selections from the “Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge” … stay tuned! 

Watching: The final season of Downton Abbey (of course), Elementary (the back seasons), Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med. I really need another “The Paradise” or “Where Calls the Heart” to marathon through though… 

Playing: Way too much PS4 with Spencer. That counts as bonding… right?! 

Listening to: Podcasts! In particular: “The Lively Show,”  “What Should I Read Next,” and random “This American Life”  episodes. I’ve listened to several others, but they just aren’t for me. However, I LOVE “What Should I Read Next” … one of my new faves. 

Discovering: That lots of mamas don’t enjoy multiple snow days in a row. It’s no secret that I was pretty bitter about all the “time off” we had last winter… and I was wondering what my problem was. Turns out it really is just hard and draining and it’s “not just me.” Thank you “Jonas" for showing this to me. 

Enjoying: The ridiculously warm weather we’ve had this month. 

Hoping: That we have a healthier and happier February...

Celebrating: That Milo is potty-trained!! Who knew I would ever be this excited for a potty-trained child? But then again, who knew it would be this hard???

Starting: A new cleaning routine. Maybe. I think. I hope. Something has to happen here.  

Finishing: Quilt tops! 

Future Plans I'm excited for: Milo starts school tomorrow!!! HOORAY! Only 5 months later than planned. Oh well. Also in this category is that my sister should be having twins any day now...

Kid Funnies: 

Spencer: {An oldie, but goodie… because it just came up with my parents the other day…} When he first met his cousin, F, he was just a few days old. (The cousin, not Spencer. Spencer was 6.5) Little F had his hands in fists with his thumbs tucked inside. Spencer very matter-of-factly stated, “Oh, he only has four fingers! But it’s ok, he’s still little… they will grow.” (Passed along from his auntie. She should correct me if that is wrong.) 

And a current one… While taking to Doug the other night about his desire to make YouTube movies, Doug asked why he was interested in making them. Spencer’s response was “I want to inspire people… [long pause, so long that we thought he was done]… to give me money.” [He’s all about the money, money, money these days.] 

And some jokes he wanted me to share: What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? A bay gull! 

What paper do cows read? The Daily Moos!

Knock knock. [Who’s there?] Boo. [Boo hoo?] Why you crying?! 


I’ve been a little sad these past few weeks because Spencer has most definitely moved out of the “saying random funny things” age and isn’t really funny unless he intends to be. Pair this with a “snotty phase” and it’s just not a great time. (Add in that there has been weeks of nasty illness here and it’s been a real somber house.) Moving on...


Milo: [When emptying the tub, post-bath] He waves goodbye while exclaiming, “Buh-bye watah! See you ‘morrow!” 

Earlier in January, we had a crumb cake in the house. Milo had the last piece, but Doug left the container on the counter. When Milo questioned him why he wasn’t recycling it, Doug told him that it needed to be washed first. Doug then went to take the trash out, and returned to find no container on the counter, and lots of crumbs in the bathroom sink. And the container in the recycle bin. So technically Milo listened? 

I feel like there were so many other moments that were funny… but I think a lot of them have to do with how he speaks/his intonation/that he talks like an adult. In other words, I’ve got nothing that translates well to re-telling it… 

And some of my favorite photos recently...