Taming the Wild WIPs

When I walk into my sewing area these days, I immediately feel overwhelmed. Not exactly the goal I’m aiming for… that’s supposed to be my “stress relief” spot! I have two cabinets I fear opening since I’m pretty sure things will come tumbling out and bury me alive. I have four—yes, FOUR—Christmas projects to complete and ship… and way, way too many other WIPs (Works In Progress) running wild in there. 

When I committed to completing six projects in my New Year’s Goals post, I thought that surely I’d be through my started-not-finished pile. HAHAHAHA. Uhhhhh… nope. Not even close. 

In an attempt to remedy this, I joined the 2016 Finish-A-Long over at SheCanQuilt. Not only for the community it provides, but also for the accountability. That is something I find I need in my life. 

So, without further ado… My Q1 list of “Things I Need to Finish,” alternatively known as “Wild WIPs I Plan to Tame.” {This list does NOT include several flimsies that are done and waiting to go off to a longarmer. Those will appear next quarter when it’s time for binding.} 

1. Make a Splash

One of my oldest WIPs in the “quilting” category. (A Christmas cross stitch currently holds the overall record with 24 years and counting…) I started this almost two years ago and worked on it for a few months while juggling a newly-home toddler and the quilting learning curve. I got frustrated when the points kept refusing to line up to my perfectionist high standards. But in reality… it’s going to look just fine when it’s quilted and hanging around the living room or being used for fort building. I’m torn about what to do post-flimsy. My original plan was to have it long-armed with a wave pattern. But I don’t know if I love it that much to justify the cost. So it might get done here on my domestic machine with straight lines and zig-zags. {Finish Post HERE.}

2. Winter’s Lane Jelly Roll Jam Quilt

I don’t even know why this one isn’t finished. Seriously. My guess is that I was distracted by a newer, more interesting project… I have all the strips sewn together. Now I just need to sew them into blocks and piece the top. My original plan called for putting a double border on it… which I have never done before so I will need to figure that out as well. (I’m assuming it is pretty easy.) Once it’s at the flimsy stage… it will get shipped of to be quilted. {Finish post HERE.}

3. World Map Panel

This is such a simple one, and so close to finished! It’s a panel backed up against fleece. It’s been a collaborative effort between myself and my seven-year-old. (And that, at times, has made it feel like the hardest thing I am working on!) I just need to finish quilting it along the latitude and longitude lines, and then trim and bind. {Finish post HERE.}

4. The “Hannah” Halloween Quilt

I have not one, but two, Halloween quilts in progress right now (one for each boy, natch) but this is the one that is constantly toppling over in the cabinet… so it’s getting dealt with first. I’m pretty sure that all of the pieces have been cut out and now it’s just a matter of arranging it and sewing it all together. I think. I hope.

5. Super Secret Baby Project (x2!!)

My sister is due with twins in a month. I have a project (x2) that I cut the pieces for but haven’t yet started sewing. Uh… I need to get on that I guess. I can’t share a pic since she reads this blog… but you will know it’s this project when you see TWO of them completed. (All positive thoughts and speedy sewing wishes would be greatly appreciated.) {Finish post HERE.}

6. Pretty Little New York City

OK, so technically not a sewing project. But I still need the accountability in my life. So I'm adding it to the list... even if I end up not counting it! Started this in September. And ... uh... didn't get very far. I have an awkward spot on the wall waiting for it though... so... 

Now… while I have many, many more projects… I thought this was a pretty decent list—for me—for Q1 finish goals. I still have several block-of-the-month clubs and “stitch-a-long” groups I am in. Which rounds out a whole lot of craftiness. No?