Snapshot #19 : Finding my Footing

Y'all... it's been balls-to-the-wall CUH-RAZY around here. So much to share... and no time in which to do so. So, how about a snapshot post?! It will at least get us started ... 

I am...

Thinking:  About how much I love Fall. I just wish Mother Nature got the memo that it is, in fact, unofficially fall in these parts. She can stop with the 94 degree days already!  

Thankful for:  Are you ready for this one?! .... Drum roll please... OUR ADOPTION DEBT IS GONE!!!! Wooooohooooo!!! For the first time in 7 years, we have no debt associated with adoption in any way, shape or form. Man. That feels INCREDIBLE. 

Wondering:  About why the drivers in our area are so incredibly bad. Our state is known for it's horrendous drivers... but they seem to be much, much worse in our area. Doug has some good theories on it... but when you see an accident ... you wonder. 

Trying:  To get my daily steps back up to the 12,000 mark. They were there for most of the summer... but now... 

Buying:  Oh man, I'm not sure I should admit to it... but fabric. Lots of fabric. And some new clothes. And some baby gifts for little ones coming home from Korea. 

Cooking: I've been in "fall mode" around here which means slow cooker soups. Too bad it's still so HOT out! 

Snacking on:  Oreos, pretzels and cheez-its. I need some new additions to the rotation!  

Drinking:  I'm still loving the concoction of water, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar. I've also been mixing in some more tea in the evenings... and trying to cut down the coffee. (Spoiler alert: I'm failing.)  

Pinning: Holiday ideas. Halloween, Christmas...   

Crafting: I've got two mini quilts that I'm working on for instagram-based swaps. I've also had a renaissance of cross stitch over here and have a couple of projects in the works. What I really need to be crafting though is holiday gifts! EEK.   

Reading:  I've got some great YA on my kindle these days... I'm finishing the "Under Different Stars" trilogy. (LOVE) I also have "Throne of Glass," "School of Good and Evil" and "Queen of the Tearling" qued up. Like I said, lots of great YA on there! 

Watching:  I'm marathoning through Mad Men. It's good background for crafting...  I also seem to watch a lot of "Descendants," "Goosebumps," and "Scooby Doo." Go figure. 

Playing:  Games in the evening with Spencer. It's a great way to unwind, and it also has the added benefit of sneaking some reading in!

Listening to: My friend introduced me to "The Lively Show" podcast... and I'm hooked. I'm super late to the whole "podcast" thing [clearly] but it's such a wonderful way for me to switch gears from "Mama" to "worker bee" in the mornings. There's a few episodes that I have really related to and I think should be required listening for anyone who knows me! 

Discovering:  How much I enjoy cross stitch. Or maybe I should say re-discovering? It's very zen for me these days and that is good.  

Enjoying:  A new season. Lots of things have been falling into place these past few weeks and I just feel like we might be finally getting into a really, really good groove here. 

Hoping: And this is a big one... I'm hoping that how we feel about Spencer's new school right now is how we continue to feel. All year long. And all the other years to come. We were very optimistic going in and in the week and a half that we've been there... we just keep confirming that it's a great place for us. Not to say that we don't have our challenges. There have been lots of tears and many trying moments... but overall, we are thrilled. If you all would be willing to keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer that it continues, we'd appreciate it!  

Celebrating:   And here's another BIG one... I have a new job!!! I'm going to be a toy buyer at a local (and my favorite) gift shop in town! The week before school started, they approached me with the position and asked if I was interested. I was incredibly excited about the opportunity, while simultaneously being caught off-guard. But things very quickly fell into place (like, three days quickly) and a week later I was going in to meet with the person who was leaving the position to "take the reins"... CRAZY. And exciting. And a wee bit overwhelming. But mostly exciting. It's part-time, mostly during school hours (with a few weekend hours so I can "catch up"). I'll be working with a great group of women, in a great location, doing something really fun. I can't wait!  

Considering:  A weekend away. We didn't take a vacation this summer because of some work changes on Doug's end. And that was fine and we were able to pay off some of that adoption debt because of it... but... I'd like a weekend away. Of course, I just got a new job and I now work weekends... so ... not really sure how that could happen. 

Starting: Lots! A new school. A new school year. A new job for me. A new (ish) job for Doug and lots of new projects. Whoa.  

Finishing:  Uhm, a blog post? Maybe?  

Future Plans I'm excited for:  There's a mud run that Spencer is signed up for on Saturday, and I'm working on Sunday. After two weekends of illness and blah-ness here... I'm also just excited for some good "together" time. 

Kid Funnies:  

Spencer: He's LOVING the "Descendants" movie these days... to the point where he has it memorized and has bought into all the merchandising. There's one part that really goads him for some reason though... 

"Then they go under the bleachers for some 'love talk.'" {And he uses air quotes and rolls his eyes and everything.} It never fails to crack me up when he says that. 

Also funny was : "What?!? I'm gassy! At least it's coming out the attic and not the basement." (This was in response to a raised eyebrow of mine over a rather large burp.)

Milo:  Also pretty funny these days... when he's not busy being a "threenager" Oy.

One of my favorite moments is when he tries to pin the blame on his brother for something. When said brother is at school. Someone really, really needs to teach Mo that he needs to use a scape goat who is actually IN the house at the time of the incident. 

Favorite photos from the past week: 

Of course... we need to share the first day photos...

And, like I said... Spencer is into ALL THINGS DESCENDANTS:

And a cute one of Milo. Because he is very underrepresented in this post! (In my defense, he needs to stop being a threenager and start smiling more for the camera if he wants "air time.")