Snapshot #18 : Lazy Summer Days

Yeah... who am I kidding?! It's been anything but lazy. But that's what summer is all about... right?! Jam-packed, fun-filled days! 

I am...

Thinking:  About how the days seem shorter, even though they are technically longer. Many a day, I look at the clock and am shocked by how late it's gotten. How does that work?! 

Thankful for: SUMMER BREAK!! I know, crazy. (And I'm sure I'm going to be going crazy in a few weeks.) It was such a terrible year for Spencer at school this year, and Milo on the whole transition front... that, well, I'm just happy for some time without a schedule, without obligations. We are in some serious need of FUN here. It's amazing how different I physically and emotionally feel, and how different Spencer acts... it was clearly a much harder year emotionally than I even realized. 

I don't think I will ever fully document what went down this past year for Spencer. I don't think I WANT to document it. I just want us all to move on from it. (Just thinking about writing about it makes me feel sick.) He'll start a new school and methodology in the fall... and I hope it will be a better fit for him. So, instead... just a few "Last Day of School" photos. I think they speak volumes about his excitement for Summer:

{Always the serious one... ha!}

And a few "first day, last day" shots:

Wondering:  If we need to start adding to our Bucket List. Or if we should just embrace the fact that we might have a few days of being "bbbooorrreeedddd." 

Trying:  Lots of new things, I'm sure. Yet absolutely nothing comes to mind. 

Buying:  Lots of party supplies. There's a scary bill for you. I mean, it's worth it... but boy, all the fabric I could buy instead... ;-) 

Cooking: Lots of grilling happening here. As well as lots of "thrown together" meals since dinnertime comes sooner than I expect a lot of days. 

Snacking on:  The standard fare. I wish it was something exciting! 

Drinking:  A new concoction of water, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar. Between the post-adoption stress and the anxiety over the school situation... my gut has taken a serious beating. I strongly believe that the healthier your gut, the happier (less stressed, less anxious) you are. Not to mention, it's believed to also increase immunity. I'm sold. 

Pinning: Quilt patterns. Birthday ideas. Summer fun and summer recipes. All good stuff.  

Crafting: Lots and lots of "Mittay Mout" [Mickey Mouse] decorations for Milo's party this past weekend. I'm a little relieved that there is no time or space at the rock climbing center for a ton of decor for Spencer's party. Is that wrong?   

Reading:  Lots of kid books. And lots of potential books for Spencer for next year. Next up on my list are some "intellectual reads" ... so... I'm not in a big rush to finish the "lower el" readers. 

Watching:  The Fosters, Rookie Blue, Finding Carter, Younger, and CSI. How's that for a mix?! 

Playing:  In the great outdoors. Unfortunately for MoMo... he's not really a fan of the great outdoors. So we see this, a LOT:

{"NO YIKE DIS!!!!"}

Listening to: The boys bicker. Oh, the irony.  

Discovering:  Lots of new walking trails and reservations in our town. While I knew we had lots of protected land here... I didn't realize how much of it was accessible to us! We also discovered a new beach. 

Sweet view, no? It's super small and shallow... which makes it perfect when wrangling two crazy kids! This *almost* makes all that snow worth it. Almost. But not really. 

Enjoying:  The longer days. Meaning, I enjoy all the extra sunshine. I do not enjoy the "longer days" that sometimes make you utter, "but the years are short!"

Hoping:  To carve out some work time this weekend. Lots of creative ideas bouncing around in my head that I would like to gain traction on. 

Celebrating: We just celebrated Milo, and are about to celebrate Spencer. That's plenty. :)  

Considering:  Turning off comments for the summer. I probably won't... but DO NOT feel the need to comment on all or any of my posts! Just trying to add to the "easy breezy" feel for everyone. (You can still "like" the post below or email me at if you really want to!) 

Starting:  To cross things off of Spencer's "Summer Bucket List." What an awesome feeling! (And what a change from years past!) The adventures we undertake are both small and not so small... and pretty much all in our backyard. 

Finishing:  Lots of WIPs (Works In Progress) in the quilting arena. It must be all the sunlight! 

Future Plans I'm excited for:  It's a holiday weekend! Hooray! We are going to a carnival tonight and a pool party on Saturday. I'm hoping for a little solo time somewhere in there too. We shall see. 

Kid Funnies:  

SpencerHe's been hysterical the past few weeks. Both intentionally and unintentionally. Which says a lot about his general disposition these days. I almost have too many to choose from, but here are my faves:

[I have a tendency to "clean for company" by stashing all the clutter in the laundry closet and shutting the doors. But, the door on the laundry closet has been broken and it's no longer an option for me.]
Me, to Doug: "Remember, I can't close those doors so I can't hide all my sins!" 
Spencer: "What are sins?! Underwear?!" 


Spencer, to Doug: " Can you sleep on the air mattress, and I can sleep in your bed?!" 
Doug: "What's in it for me?!"
Spencer: "Air!"


"Did you just put that on tweeter?!"

Milo:  Also pretty funny these days... when he's not busy being a "threenager" Oy. A favorite...

Me: What do you want for your dessert Milo?
Milo: HAPPY CAKE!!! (birthday cake.) 
Me: It’s all gone, there is no more happy cake. 
Milo: No Happy Cake?!
Me: No, sorry. 
Milo: Mi-yo NO HAPPY! MI-YO SAD!!! {Starts crying} …. Mama… SAD cake?? Eat SAD cake??? 

You won't believe this... but I've barely picked up my camera in the past few weeks. WHAT?!?! Seriously, I had to work to find three photos. Yikes. 

Three favorite photos from the past week: 

{Reinforcements were called in when Milo realized he had "relighting" candles on his cake.}

{Hunting Bugs! (What... don't you hunt for bugs in your magicians hat?!)}

{Pure Joy}

Happy Summer Everyone!!