Snapshot #16 : Spring has Sprung.

Or is it summer. I'm writing this post from the front yard. It's almost 80 degrees. I'm in shorts and short-sleeves. And while I'm a little cold when the wind blows... I'm celebrating the fact that spring is here. No snow. Above freezing. HOORAY. 

I am...

Thinking:  About the boy's birthdays. They are quickly approaching! And I have made NO plans. This is not like me. (I've honestly been so busy keeping my head above water that I haven't had the mental space to deal with this.) And the fact that it's two parties this year instead of one joint one makes my head spin. 

Thankful for:  This weather. Seriously. The sun is good for my soul. 

Wondering:  Why the "listening ears" won't work some days. Anyone have a clue? And while we are at it... Can anyone tell me how to get my children from constantly talking at me?! For example, we've been up since 5:27 this morning and both of their mouths have been going non-stop. As I type this, Milo is talking with his mouth full of dinner, asking about dessert. And Spencer is talking over him about something or other. They scramble my brain. 

Trying:  To clean out my closet. I have lots of things in there that I just need to part with. 

Buying: Nothing. Since I just bought a new lens. And because there are at least three fabric lines coming out next month that I want want want.  

Cooking: I'm switching from winter meals to summer meals. That means more on the grill and less in the kitchen. It also means pasta salad is back in effect!   

Snacking on: Popcorn. Pretzels. Cheez-Its. Anything salty, clearly.  

Drinking: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And sometimes a glass of Chardonnay after bedtime.   

Pinning: Summer meals. And crafts. And kid science projects.

Crafting: I'm still in "top secret" mode here... but should have some shares soon.  

Reading:  YA. I have a couple of contemporary novels in my pile as well. And, as always, parenting books. (I'm really good at avoiding those though.)  

Watching:  The second half of outlander (not as good as the first half if you ask me). And right now, the boys playing in the driveway.    

Playing:  Not so much playing... but Spencer and I have had a few bike rides already this year. I need to figure out how to incorporate Milo into them while on my own. I can't keep balanced with him on a seat on the back... and a trailer is a big investment for one season.

Listening to: Birds and breezes.   

Loving: The sun! And the warmth! I'm going to complain when it gets hot and humid though, even though I promised myself I wouldn't. 

Not loving: How shorts season also means lots of skinned knees and band-aids. I'm trying to figure out how Milo can get hurt just sitting on the stoop. (He currently has two skinned knees, two skinned elbows, two skinned hands, and a scratch on his belly. HOW?!) 

Discovering: That our local dairy delivery is actually capable of delivering more than just fresh milk. Who knew?! I've never really looked since there are dairy intolerances in this house... but I'm intrigued. And I think a certain little boy would love the cow truck showing up here. 

Enjoying:  Not having to cook all the meals. Cause grilling = husband cooking. 

Hoping:   For some more sleep. Soon. 

Celebrating:  Mother's Day and our Anniversary this weekend. First time Doug will be in town in five years I think? 

Smelling:  Fresh-cut grass (not ours)

Considering:  Where I can hang a hammock. First world problems, right there.   

Starting:  Photo season. I've got a shoot for a family friend tonight, and then one more over the weekend. I'm really only a mama-razzi so it's fun to have someone new (who listens) in front of my lens! (Plus, it totally justifies the new lens!) 

Finishing:  Switching the boys clothes around and clearing things out of the dressers that don't fit. This has been a long-term project because it's not something I can do with them, or while they are sleeping. Lots of starts and stops... which is not how I work best. 

Kid Funnies: They have both had several very funny moments lately... but these are my top two. 

Spencer: The following paper came home in his backpack. When I asked him about it, he replied:
"I chose police officer because I couldn't think of anything else. My teacher told me 'Jesus' wasn't an option."

Milo: This kid can dilly-dally like no one I have ever met. The other day, I finally said that there would be no more shows until he had his shorts on his body. Now I know I need to be more specific. 

I really need to do a photo dump one day soon. But for now... 

Three favorite photos from the week: 

  "Wicked? Me? Nooooo." {This was all composed by Milo. I just took the photo.}

"Wicked? Me? Nooooo." {This was all composed by Milo. I just took the photo.}

  Sharing treats at a roadside ice cream stand. 

Sharing treats at a roadside ice cream stand. 

  Testing out the new lens.

Testing out the new lens.

  A freezing walk after dinner. 

A freezing walk after dinner. 

{And yes, I do realize that was four images, not three. Sue me.}