Snapshot #15 : This post brought to you by the Letter S

Why the letter S?! Because it sums up what's been going on since I last wrote... Spring Break, Sickness (SO. MUCH. SICKNESS.), and Sleepless Nights. (Can someone tell me why my kids don't sleep?!) Oh, AND... one last very important S... because it is SPENCER DAY! 

Today marks our sixth anniversary of Spencer making us a family of three... I can't believe it's already been six years, while also thinking "How is it only six years?!" We celebrated according to his wishes... there were balloons and ice cream cake, an early pick-up from school, and dinner at the hibachi restaurant. He spent the whole day asking if anyone else thought that this was "the best day ever" while we just thought... How in the world did we get so lucky?! 

{Spencer when he first came home...}

{... and Spencer now} 

I am...

Thinking:  About how much I miss "normal" life. I mean... life is really never normal. But, I'd love one week where everyone is here, healthy, and sleeping. Is that really so much to ask for?!

Thankful for: Spencer. I mean, it's "Spencer Day" today! What else could I be thankful for? 

Wondering: How it has been six years since Doug wrote this post

Trying: To catch up on photo editing. (It's not going to happen people.) 

Buying: A new lens. I hope. Soon. I hope. And maybe some fabric. Maybe. 

Cooking: Homemade ramen and bulgogi & bap.  

Snacking on: Snyder's pretzels. I really need to be more creative in my snacks... 

Drinking: Water with lime. Even though the temps prove that spring has yet to, well, spring... I'm getting in the spirit. Now if only we could get above the 40s. (WHERE is Spring?!) 

Pinning: Quilt patterns. I've got the itch to start something new. Actually, I have the itch to use some stash.

Crafting: I have some secret projects in the works right now. It's birthday season in my family! ;-) 

Reading:  I just finished "The American Lady" which is the second book of "The Glassblower" series. Just as fabulous as the first book... I really love this series. And now I'm trying to decide what to read next. 

Watching:  Scandal, Bones, Castle, Chicago Fire, and Grey's Anatomy (ohmygoodness!)   

Playing: Catch-up. Or trying to. Sickness for everyone paired with Spring Break?! Not a pretty picture. 

Listening to: Lullaby songs from Spencer's room. And birds bickering outside.  

Loving: How a few craft projects came out recently. I'll be sharing them soon. But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that they came out just like I saw them in my mind. 

Not loving: The weather lately. It's too cold for late April!  

Discovering: All the perks of being a member at the YMCA. We joined last Friday and have already been back twice. (Well, Spencer has.) We're really excited to use the pool this summer, and the gym on rainy days. Plus, look at the light in the gym: 

Enjoying: Not flying solo. Doug took the past two days off. And while there were no crazy plans or events, it was nice to have a hand juggling life and laundry here. 

Hoping: That Doug's meeting with Spencer's teachers goes well tomorrow. We just need to make it through 29 more days of school. Somehow.  

Celebrating: The survival of another week of flying solo, while sickness took us all down for the count. I really, really didn't think I was going to make it. But I did. (I cried A LOT though.) 

Smelling: Thieves essential oils. Like I said, illness. 

Considering: What I want to do for my birthday. Which will be here in under four weeks. Normally, I'm not big on celebrating my birthday... but it's a milestone one this year. And I'm feeling the pressure to "mark" it somehow.   

Starting: A new quilt.... I think. 

Finishing: Lots. Even though it doesn't feel like it.  

Three favorite photos from the past week(s):

{There were so many to choose from... this was really, really hard! And shocking. Since I feel like the past week and a half has been sickness and sleeplessness.} 

{Spencer is learning the joys of having a coveted snack... Sharing is caring... but it's also hard.}