Snapshot #14 : Currently..

{I'm editing my "Snapshot" posts a little to incorporate some of the "Currently" prompts I see on other blogs. For better or for worse... these snapshot posts are the majority of my writing here and I want them to capture us as best they can. I may play with the format and prompts over the next few posts...but we shall see!} 

Outside my {back} window: They have started building on the lot behind our neighbors. It's the last one in the "other" development... and while I miss the trees, a certain 2.5 year old LOVES the view of all the construction equipment. 

I am...

Thinking:  About all the other things I "should" be doing. But, not. 

Thankful for: The warmer weather we've had the past few days. I love having the windows open... even if I do need a sweater.  

Wondering: If I have enough fun planned for Spring Break next week. The answer is "probably not... "

Trying: To clean the sink every night before bed. To say that I have not been successful is a gross understatement. 

Buying: Nothing. I'm saving all my pennies for a new lens. (OK, that's not really true... I've indulged in fabric and some magnets/photo prints recently...but mostly I'm saving my pennies!) 

Cooking: Homemade ramen, a new soup recipe... and some family favorites. Trying a new Korean recipe on Friday. 

Snacking on:  Peanut Butter Cup Oreos. Ohmygoodness... just when I thought Oreos could get no better... 

Drinking:  Coffee, natch. {Peet's Anniversary Blend, in case you were wondering.}

Pinning: Summer 2015 ideas for the boys. The past two summers have fizzled instead of sizzled. I aim to change that this year. (So send any and all summer pins this way!)

Crafting: I have a hat for a wee little one on my knitting needles, as well as a bunch of fabric pulled for a quilt top. 

Reading:  "The Boston Girl" ... I can't put it down!  I feel as though I'm late to this book, but if you haven't read it yet... it's a great read. 

Watching:  Hawaii Five-O. Still.  

Playing: "I Spy." And "trying" to learn chess. So I can teach Spencer, per his request. I'm not finding it fun though... and therefore, I'm not very motivated. Maybe we can crack the code on spring break next week.

Listening to: "Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammar... and lots of "Pitch Perfect" songs. 

Shazaming:  "I Bet My Life" by Imagine Dragons and "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit

Wearing: The new vivofit 2. After my second fitbit *replacement* battery died a month or so ago, I broke up with fitbit. The more people I spoke to, the more I realized "it's not me, it's them." I compared a bunch of their competitors, and finally decided on the vivofit. I'm in love. 

Doing: Nothing super interesting. Unless you call laundry interesting?

Going: Mini-golfing on a playdate this afternoon. 

Loving: The ability to be outside after school most days. It's nice to hit the playground or the skate park... or even just have snack in the backyard. 

Not loving: The fact that we have "snow mold" on our grass and a walkway that needs repairs due to "frost heaves." Winter 2015 keeps on delivering fun here. (And... who even knew those were "things"?!?) 

Discovering: That Spencer is ridiculously agile on his bike at the skate park. I need to remember to buy him new protective gear ASAP. 

Enjoying: The sunshine we've had this week. 

Hoping: For some clarity on what's been bothering Spencer lately. So. Many. Tears. and. Tantrums. 

Celebrating: The survival of another week of flying solo.

Smelling: Fresh air!!

Considering: A new family pet/member. Obviously, this is something that all of us need to consider together... 

Starting: A new business venture. Wait, what?! 

Finishing: A photo project. I'm hoping to share it with you all soon.

Kid Funnies: 

Milo: He's been very into tator tots the past few weeks. He calls them "tator hots" and literally cheers when he sees them come out of the oven. Another funny word we hear a lot is "bub" ... for "bird" ... 

Spencer: The other night, the cloud was behind some hazy clouds. When Spencer looked up, he exclaimed, "What's wrong with the moon?! It's all smudged!" 

Future Plans on My Mind: Uhm, there's so much that has to happen in the next few weeks that I'm not thinking about it yet. But I am excited that Doug has vacation time next week... 

Rest-of-the-Day Plans:  A few errands, followed by a playdate and then dinner-baths-bedtime. I'm hoping to carve out some crafty time for me too... but it's doubtful. 

Three favorite photos from the week:

  Stunt gone wrong.

Stunt gone wrong.

  Another bad idea. 

Another bad idea. 

  Our local market holds a poster contest at each major holiday. All the students from the local area schools participate. Well, look who won third place for his poster?! (I think it has something to do with the fact that his bunny was wearing a sweater...) 

Our local market holds a poster contest at each major holiday. All the students from the local area schools participate. Well, look who won third place for his poster?! (I think it has something to do with the fact that his bunny was wearing a sweater...)