Friday Photos : Let it snow, let it snow...

Let it snow. Again, and again, and again. 


I actually wrote a whole long, rant-y post about how rough this week was. And then my blog crashed. And the post disappeared. 

Consider yourselves lucky. 

Here's the main points I was making: 

  • The week started off with ice and snow... and delayed openings.
  • Spencer discovered a [huge] dead bird on our stoop on Tuesday. On Wednesday we found a dead rodent in the driveway. {What is going on here?!}
  • Yesterday, we had a "surprise" snow storm with about 10 inches of snow accumulating. "Surprise" being that we were told to expect "a dusting to two inches" and then they increased it to "1 to 3 inches" ... and then it ended up being 10 inches. To say it caught everyone from the meteorologist to the plow guy off guard would be an understatement. Oh, and because it wasn't supposed to be a storm of that magnitude... there was still school. Fun times people, fun times. (I could go on... but I'm stopping now.) 
  • Doug has been traveling. So he's missed all the fun times shoveling and dealing with dead animal bodies.

I'm over this week. That said... yesterday truly was a winter wonderland. (A snowy, slippery wonderland... but a wonderland none-the-less.) So I'm going to stop complaining now, and leave you with some images of the day:


{Upon waking yesterday morning...}

{Seen in town...}

I decided to try for a photoshoot with Milo:

{He's not really on board with this idea...}


{In case you are wondering... he's standing on a bucket here. Oh, the things I will do!}

{He's SMILING!! And he's LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!! And... he's in the SNOW!!! It's like a snow day miracle!}

{This photo makes it all worth it...}


Today, when I was driving home from school... I saw this. The photos below don't even do it justice. It. Was. Breathtaking. And made me retract every single negative statement I made yesterday about the weather. (And there were many.) 

{I actually thought about dashing back to school and grabbing Spencer for an impromptu photo shoot. Then I came to my senses.}