Color Monday : Home

I'm linking up again with Jennie over at Porch Swing Quilts for Color Mondays. I do love a good color palette... and I really needed the distraction today. Or maybe I should say that I need the procrastination? 

The plows woke Milo up at 4:20 am this morning... and I. Am. Dragging. I just made two errors on client emails... I'm making the executive decision to nap when he does, and then work tonight. But while he eats his lunch... a little color play!

The theme of the week is "home." I think I've made it quite clear that I am less than thrilled with this place I call home this winter... but, it is where my family is. And for better or worse... it is my home. (OK, not really... I'll always consider "Jersey" as my home. But I didn't have any good photos of that!) I know I'm not selling it well... but my home here *is* a nice place to live. When it's not under all this snow!

I considered using a photo from one of our town beaches from last summer... but instead decided to embrace "home" as it is now. I took a photo from my last post for inspiration...

Funny how many colors are in that gray, dreary photo... no?! (I'm actually not that surprised... I chose it because I love that pop of teal and yellow on the boats.) A simple reminder that even the gray days hold some beauty. 

:) Happy Monday Y'all!