Snapshot #12 : Lucky Day

"It's Saint Patrick's Day today! That means everyone is Irish today and everyone is lucky today. Except for me, I'm Korean and I'm lucky every day!" - Spencer

Outside my window:  IT IS SUNNY!!! It was pouring rain this morning, but now the clouds have parted and the sun is beating down. Rain or shine, the snow is melting today. We haven't seen our yard since early January... so I will take it. 

I am thinking:  About this summer. I'm exploring places in New England to do a long weekend. I'd like to have a better handle on Summer this year. Spencer has a few weeks of "half-day" camp lined up... and I've got a few local "family fun" ideas lined up... but after this winter... I really, really want a vacation, even if it's just a long weekend! 

I am thankful for:  Good friends who take time off from "Mama-dom" to grab a last-minute glass of wine, new friends, this house (as messy as it may be), and the SUN!!! 

I am wondering: I'm wondering if I will ever feel caught up with laundry, email, life. I'm in a cycle of scrambling to meet the next deadline that is on the horizon that I don't feel like I am breathing sometimes. I've got so many random thoughts on my mind, that I can't even think straight. I feel like I wonder this a lot. I've got a lot of recent developments to share that have been on my mind, but are now resolved. On a petty note, I'm also wondering if I can wear my new sneakers yet... or if it's still too wet outside.   

Last 3 purchases: Thread, notepaper and pens, and two more canvases for Spencer. (So. Not. Exciting.) 

Dinner plans:  I have a new pork carnitas recipe in the slow cooker. I'm still searching for the perfect one... 

Future plans I'm looking forward to:  Spencer has off for "Teacher Days" at the end of this week. {For those of you counting, we still have only had two full weeks of school. Insanity. Some of it is weather, some of it is sniffles and sneezes and sleep deprivation... all of it blows my mind. And yet, I'm getting spoiled by it!} Anyway... Spencer is off so we have a "Cousin Play Date" lined up (the first one for all four boys!), I have a surprise project for Spencer, and I've got some sewing time blocked on the calendar. 

Kid funnies: 
Milo: After dinner, Milo will push his plate away and declares "Cookie Pie, Peeee!" That's "Choco Pie, please!" for those of you who don't speak Milo. He does it with the biggest, most charming smile ever. It's adorable. Also adorable is when we get cupcakes and he asks for "Happy Cake!" 

Spencer:   {Stolen from Doug's FB wall. Posted while watching MLB.}
Spencer: So do the Red Sox always have the same players every year?
Doug: (Explains how it works.)
Spencer: So it's kind of like Pitch Perfect when the Bellas graduated and they handed out papers to the new people so they know what to wear?
Doug: Yeah, pretty much.

Oh, and this:

{What happens when we break 50 degrees here.}

I am reading:  I just finished a book by Karin Slaughter... SO good, and SO disturbing. I got sucked  in. To the point where I couldn't put it down. And when I did... I couldn't fall asleep. 

In the kitchen: Groceries that need to be put away, two in-progress art projects, and a dirty floor.

Watching:  I've been marathoning through Hawaii Five-0... and re-watching Outlander in preparation for the spring premiere. I. Cannot. Wait. 

On my frequent playlist: Usually, every song from "Pitch Perfect," sung by the boys. Let's just say they are not really the best things for a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old to be belting out. Oy. 

Snacking on:  Soft pretzels. YUM.  

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Dinner, reading and shows with the older one, and then finishing a project. 

And while I'm a day late, I'm still playing along with Jennie's "Color Monday." The prompt was Irish, being that today is Saint Patrick's Day. In hindsight, I should have grabbed an image of Ireland... but when I think of Saint Paddy's Day... I think of beer and bars, and Lucky Charms. One of these is more "palette-friendly" than the other... so that's what I went with. :) 

{In our house, we are visited by a leprechaun who leaves this yumminess for the boys. And sometimes, he even pees in our potty.}