{Snowy} Snapshots on a Snowy Sunday

I cannot believe it's snowing. AGAIN. We're expecting up to 8 inches by tomorrow morning, with the bulk of it happening in the early morning hours. This does not bode well for school sessions tomorrow. I posted on Facebook on Friday that it was the last week of February... but only the second full week of school for 2015. This. Winter. Is. Insane. 

Anyway... Here's our February in a snapshot form. I can't even keep all the snowy pictures straight anymore. I feel like it snowed every day in Febraury. I'm sure that's not the actual truth... but that's what it feels like. I wanted to document it, so when my kids are complaining of not enough snow one year... I can pull these babies out. 

One of us can't get enough of all this snow...


Meanwhile, one of us is desperately trying to get out of Dodge... however he can. 


Waking up to unexpected snow... always a fun surprise. (Not really.) 


We had a little breakthrough with Mr. The-Snow-Makes-Me-Scream-and-Cry ... it was the development of "snowball." Think baseball... but with snowballs and big inflatable mallets instead.

Do you see a smile peeking through?! 

This developed into sledding insanity, which is why there is only one photo involving the sled. 

{Down at the harbor...}

During one of the "I didn't know it was supposed to snow" days, we donned warm duds and Spencer ran off his crazies while Milo tried to embrace his newfound love of snow. OK, he really isn't to the love stage... but he really, really likes throwing snowballs. (And he has a crazy good arm, and scary good aim. Now if he would learn the difference between ice and snow...) 

{To put this snow into perspective... this is a five foot high fence. Between the snowfall and the drifting, Spencer can pretty much throw his leg over the fence without really trying too hard. He's only 3 1/2 feet tall. That's quite the "snow boost!" 

And then we hit the point where the snow froze solid. And here's how we feel about that:

Milo, on the other hand, seemed to like it better since he had more maneuverability. 

{He's laying on top of 32" of snow here. 32" people.}