Color Monday : Valentine's Day

{I'm very sad to report that I cannot recall the last time I sat down to sew anything. (egad!) Last week, during one of our four snow days... Spencer and I whipped up a blanket, but I think that is all that has happened in the sewing area recently. So sad.}

I've fallen off the "Color Monday" wagon the past few weeks due to all that's been going on here. But I'm back in the game this week! Since I've had no time for sewing... the least I can do is daydream. Right?! (Mind you... I've been able to gather stash like no one's business... but use it?! Uh, nope.) I blame all the days off from school. They impact my work days, which directly impact my personal time. Not to mention... all of us in the house, all the time?! Complete. And. Utter. Disaster. Here. 

Anyway. The theme is Valentine's Day. Huh. We don't really celebrate here. Maybe a sweet treat is brought in... but otherwise... it's kind of glazed over. Mostly by me since I'm not a big fan. This year, we'll also be gearing up for Lunar New Year the following weekend. Often times, it's lost in the shuffle, and I'm ok with that!

While I'm not a fan of the actual holiday... it does bring two images to mind. One is flowers. (Who doesn't think of flowers and chocolate when they hear "Valentine"?!) The other image is more unique to our family: The love locks at the N Seoul Tower in Korea. With over 40 locations worldwide, the love locks at the N Seoul Tower are not unique. But they are special to our family. On our first trip to Korea, Spencer placed a lock with both his name and Milo's name on it. And every time I see an image of the N Seoul Tower love locks... it brings me right back to that day. The excitement Spencer had. The joy on his face. The fact that we were leaving something behind in a country that has our hearts. Since tomorrow marks Milo's first "Milo Day!" with us, I thought it was an appropriate image for the cue of "Valentine's Day." But if you are a traditionalist... I've also included a palette using one of my favorite flowers, the ranunculus. 

{In case you are curious... Spencer's lock is the white one with the picture of "him" on it.}