Snapshot #11 : Brrrrr!!!!

Outside my window: There are white out conditions. Winter Storm Neptune is clearly becoming Blizzard Neptune. And... IT. IS. SO. FREAKING. COLD!!! It was registering -5* here yesterday. My phone actually *froze*. What?!  Now, I know that's a regular occurrence for some of my readers. But not for us. Add in ALL. THE. SNOW. ... and I'm perusing real estate in the Carolinas in my free time. I'm over this winter. 

I am thinking: About moving, clearly. 

I am thankful for:  A delicious dinner cooked by Doug last night and the fact that our power is on. (For now.) 

I am wondering:  When I will see my driveway again. (Yes, I'm clearly very bitter about this winter.) I'm also wondering when I will have some time to work again. 

Last 3 purchases:  A lego set (for me!), fabric for a quilt (to gift. EEK.), and art supplies for Spencer. 

Dinner plans: We're having these awesome meatballs again. The last two times I made them, the boys devoured them. We now have to double up the recipe. 

Future plans I'm looking forward to:  School vacation (Not really... but if I say it enough, maybe I will believe it), finalizing two work projects, and getting my hair cut. 

Kid funnies: 

Milo:  This really requires a video... but he's been all about singing "I Saw the Sign," complete with the dance moves from "Pitch Perfect" It's hysterical unless you are trying to have a conversation on the phone... which is ironically when he raises the volume significantly. 

Spencer:  For Valentine's Day, Doug cooked a nice dinner for a post-bedtime date. Three bites in, Spencer shows up and asks, "What are you doing?!" Doug responds, "Having a romantic dinner... FOR TWO." Spencer says, "Oh, OK!" and then proceeds to slide into his seat and question, "What can I have to eat?!?!" 

I am reading: ... I've had a bunch of "not great" reads recently. I could use some suggestions here. 

In the kitchen:  I'm trying not to think of the kitchen. It desperately needs a cleaning.   

Watching: Too. Much. Now that TV is back on it's regular schedule... there's more shows than I have time for. I am really loving the show "Fresh off the Boat" though. Great comedic timing. 

On my frequent playlist: Nothing. So sad. Since we've been housebound for what feels like weeks, there's no music planing in my car, which means no new tunes to be obsessed with. 

Snacking on:  Popcorn. We recently discovered a local company that makes the *best* "theatre style" popcorn. It's amazing. And addictive. 

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Waiting out the next round of snow. I'm *hoping* to get in some quality time with a work project and my sewing machine... but the natives are restless. So we will see. 

Have I mentioned that one kiddo LOVES the snow... and one HATES it?! Guess who is who...


But, let him play inside with the snow clothes, and it's a different story...