Snapshot #21: All the Merry

I have two more posts I'm hoping to publish before the new year. One on the holidays and one on my 15 projects of 2015. We'll see if it actually happens though.  

I am...

Thinking: About my photography and crafting plans for the new year. I don't really have any solidified plans... but I have a lot of ideas. 

Thankful for: Everything I have. Seriously. We. Are. Blessed. This season was so joyous for the boys... and I think it was made even more so by the fact that they were involved in helping many families who have very little this year. It's the first time Spencer actually "got it" I think. They patiently bought food, clothes, and games for complete strangers. 

Wondering: If anyone out there knows of a longarmer who does "computerized" quilting designs. I have lots of quilt tops that MUST get finished. Saving two of my faves for my local longarmer... But thinking I might need to suck it up and ship some of these...

Trying: To have more patience with my children. (all bold, for a reason.) 

Buying: NOTHING. Like many people... I'm all "bought out" post holidays. Now I'm hoping to dig into some projects around the house...

Cooking: Lots and lots of holiday meals. Christmas brunch, Ham dinner, and tomorrow some good old spaghetti and meatballs. Comfort food! 

Snacking on:  Firehook Baked Crackers. Uh, YUM.  

Drinking: Coffee. Of course. 

Pinning:  Room ideas for Spencer. I've loved every decision he's made so far. Let's hope it stays that way...  

Crafting:  Uhhh... nothing. {SOB} I NEED to change this ASAP.  

Reading: So much YA goodness. I finished the "Throne of Glass" series last week. I really, really enjoyed it. That said, it was a "denser" read than some of the other YA novels I've read of late... making it a little harder to get through when exhausted. Last night I finished an advanced copy of "Two Summers" ... a book I really adored. It releases in either April or May... more to come on that one. Next up is "Young Elites" by Marie Lu. CANNOT WAIT.  

Watching:  Who has time to watch TV?! 

Playing: With all the new toys, games, etc that showed up on the morning of December 25th. We've been busy! 

Listening to:  Right now? The sound of PlayStation4 games. Thank you, Santa.   

Discovering: The joys of playing with new tech toys. (teaser!) 

Enjoying: The calm that comes after the [Christmas] storm... 

Hoping: The potty training sticks for Milo this go around. I REALLY want him to start school in January... Of course, at his current level of "trained," he runs out of the bathroom, clad only in socks, shouting about what he did while in there. I'm thinking that is not "school appropriate"... I mean, you really can't go streaking through the school yelling, "I made pee!!!" and "I made poop!!!"   

Celebrating: That there is any potty usage by the youngest member.    

Considering:  What to stock in the store next year. It's new catalog season... I can't wait! 

Starting:  To come up for air after a ridiculously busy two weeks. I'm in no way "catching up" ... but at least breathing easier and looking at much, much shorter "to do" lists. 

Also in the "starting" category is another Project 365. I didn't do one this year, and it was a mistake. Lesson learned. Restarting in just a few days. 

Finishing:  The year! WHOA. 

Future Plans I'm excited for:  I'm excited to restart my project 365. A little overwhelmed, but mostly excited. I'm also excited for a fresh start at the gift shop. New year, new budget, new plans. 

Kid Funnies: Oh, they've been funny alright... 

Spencer: It's hard to explain/convey why Spencer is so funny these days. Mostly, it's humorous because these statements that come out of his mouth should really belong to someone much older. His commentary and observations are usually on par with a pre-teen or teen. Some funny ones were "I still can't believe you didn't have an iPad growing up. You were seriously deprived." And... "Life would be perfect if I could spend it in the bathtub." 

Milo: During potty training, Milo has been running around with underpants and no pants on. (Why place obstacles in his way, right?!) His reward for potty usage has been a piece of bubblegum. The other day he had a wrapper for the gum in his hand and I was telling him to give it to me. He kept exclaiming that he was going to put it in his pocket. I pointed out that he didn't have a pocket... to which he said "I have pocket right here!" and then proceeded to shove the wrapper into the front of his underpants. Oh man. 

Also funny to hear is "feep fops" [flip flops] and "wunderpants" [underpants]

And here's where I'm supposed to put some photos. Huh. Remember how I mentioned above that I regretted not doing a P365 this year?! This is one of the reasons why... I never take photos anymore! So I have... Nothing. How about a photo of Spencer and his little friend from school ballroom dancing, unprompted? No, really. I lost track of him at the holiday party... saw a group of people capturing videos and pictures on their cell phones, and discovered these two. Dancing as though they were auditioning for "Dancing with the Stars" ... Who knew he had it in him?! [I was clearly unprepared for this photo since color and exposure are both off... but I got the shot!]

And Milo on Christmas morning... candy cane and all.