Snapshot #20 : Checking our lists...

Hello?! Anyone out there still?! Wow. It's been a while. Let me just brush the dust off... ok. Hello there!

Why don't we start with a snapshot post to, well, I don't know. Get the writing juices going perhaps?! I have several, more specific, posts in my head... but I always feel this is the easiest way for me to get writing again. And who knows. Maybe I'll throw some randomness in there. 

I am...

Thinking: About my new year's goals. I won't even check on my progress from this year since I know it's not good. I'm not going to say I failed because I think that trying to improve yourself is a win automatically. That said, I am thinking about it. In particular, I'm thinking about social media... where I want to be and how frequently I want to be there. Spoiler Alert: Instagram, yes. Facebook, no. Twitter, no. Pinterest, yes. Here, absolutely... and more frequently too! 

I took a very intentional break from Facebook last month. No app, no notifications, no visiting the site. It. was. fabulous. I honestly didn't miss it at all. I haven't been there regularly at all this year for a variety of reasons, but not even having the feeling of "I should be" made all the difference for me. (I'll have to leave my account active for school groups, but that's the only presence I plan to have there.) My Facebook experiment made me think hard about other social media outlets and what makes me happiest. It's not shocking that the photo-centric media won out... is it?! 

Thankful for:   So. Very. Much. At the risk of sounding like a greeting card... I find myself reflecting on all that I have as this year comes to an close. Traditionally, this time of year is hard for me and I struggle to find the joy of the season. I usually find myself very melancholy and slightly depressed by it all. Add in some personal, emotional demons that center around some tough anniversaries for me... and it's always a bit of a mess. For some reason, this year is different. I'm not really sure why... but I'm embracing it! 

Wondering:  So many random things. Have I taken on too much with work and the holidays? When will I have time to craft again? Are skinny jeans really for me? Why is it 60 degrees in December?

Trying:  A new camera. A point-and-shoot to be exact. Yes, you read that right. It's a long story... and I'll probably share my thoughts in a separate post... but it's been a fun experiment so far! I've been toying with this idea for months, and finally decided to rent one this week. It was supposed to convince me that it wasn't the right choice for me. But instead, I fell in love. That was NOT the plan. (And no, I'm not looking to replace the "big girl camera"... just supplement it.) 

Buying:  Well, Christmas presents of course! I'm actually very close to being done... but I really, really need to figure out what to get Spencer's teachers. GAUGH! Those gifts, along with a few others have me feeling *light years* from being done... 

Cooking: Nothing. It's a problem. I really cannot get the whole working thing + cooking thing down. I have the added issues of Milo's food intolerances and getting home from work and only having an hour to get a meal on the table, the boys showered, and into bed. Ugh. Anyone have a miracle I can borrow?

Snacking on:  Way. Too. Much. 

Drinking: Lots and lots of coffee. 

Pinning:  Uhm, not much really. My plate is full. 

Crafting:  I haven't had time to craft in over three weeks at this point. Between the new job and freelance work... I'm barely keeping my head above water. (Spencer would argue that I'm not keeping my head above water since I forgot to send him with lunch one day last week. Oops.) Anyway... crafting is nonexistent and I'm pretty bitter about it.  

Reading:  I just finished "Not If I See You First" by Eric Lindstrom. I could probably write a whole post about why I love this book... but suffice it to say that if you love YA fiction, you MUST read this book. It's been a while since I was this sad when a book ended... I just did not want to leave these characters. 

Watching:  The standard TV line-up that I'm always watching along with "When Calls the Heart," "Mr. Selfridge" and "Man in the High Castle" (How's that for a random assortment?!) 

Playing: Catch up. All the time. At one point I'll get it all together... but probably not before December 25th! 

Listening to:  Christmas Carols, of course! Thank goodness for Pandora and their stations that help me keep mixing it up. That said, you can NEVER have too much "Straight No Chaser" ... right?! 

Discovering:  How hard it is to keep all my balls in the air while working and freelancing and juggling two little guys. {See that note about forgetting Spencer's lunch up above? Case in point.} 

Enjoying:  Christmas shopping, our tree, the carols...  

Hoping:  For a smooth two weeks into the holiday season. I've been working too many hours and don't see it letting up. Manageable... as long as nothing goes off the rails. That said, it's less that two weeks until the holidays! GAUGH.  

Celebrating:  The holidays with Spencer's school today, and then nothing much until the big man in red arrives!   

Considering: A room re-do for Spencer. It's time. Maybe. 

Starting:  Nothing. Blegh. 

Finishing: Nothing. And starting to freak out a little. I have several projects I need to do before the year ends!  

Future Plans I'm excited for:  The holiday party, having my parents up for a few days at the holidays... and the NEW YEAR. Lots of things should be happening for our family then. Can't wait. (Spencer wants me to add in there that I am also excited for him to turn eight. Debatable.) 

Kid Funnies:  They are so hilarious some days... and others... well, you know. 

Spencer: While he's had a few zingers recently... most of his humor is intentional. Which somehow makes it a little less funny. He's also in a big "What?! I'm being sarcastic!" phase. Which I don't find funny at all. 

Milo:  Oh man. He's been hysterical lately. He's really been stringing together sentences the past few weeks. He's strung words together, but now he can string thoughts together. The other day in the post office... after mailing a bunch of our cards... he proceeded to ask everyone in line "MiYo mail dat fo you?!" {"Milo mail that for you?!"} Not surprisingly, he had several takers, all of whom appreciated his cheer of "YAY! DID IT!" upon task completion. Also hysterical is hearing him recognize songs within milliseconds of them coming on the radio and declaring who likes them most. Example: "Oh! Ex-ees and Ohs! Cheh-see yikes dis one!" {"Oh! Exes and Ohs! Chelsey [the nanny-sitter] likes this one!"} (I feel the need to clarify that I don't think she does.) Another example: "Ho Ho Song! Ho Ho Song! [Santa, Baby] NO ONE YIKE DIS! Change it up." And while we are on the musical vein... a inappropriate, hysterical obsession of his. Drake's, "I call you on the cell phone." Dude, why you starting a song off with such a fabulous toddler catch phrase?! Milo, of course, knows all the words. Awesome. 

And it wouldn't be a snapshot post without photos! But since I haven't actually downloaded photos from my camera in over a month... a few random images will have to do. First up, Halloween. 

Despite my best attempts for a family costume this year... we had two favorites per child. Spencer chose death in the form of the grim reaper...

And Milo chose... Mittey Mout! 

Also, three seems to be the year that Daddy joins in the fun...

And as for Holiday Future... The tradition Santa shot! 

Please note that Santa got in on the act too. You know you are dealing with some professional manipulators when this is what happens! 

Luckily, I also scored this sweet shot:

Happy Holidays everyone!