Sunday Stashdown

Between work and flying solo... there's been very little time for anything crafty. [Insert sad sigh here.] Miraculously, I have found little pockets of time here and there to keep marching forward on my Tula Pink city sampler blocks... as well as cutting out lots and lots (and lots!) of triangles for another project. The following blocks bring me up to a total of 15 blocks (of 100) completed for the sampler. I've now completed the "crosses" section of the book and am moving on to the "rectangles" section. The one hiccup I ran into is that around block 10, I realized that my quarter inch foot was no longer giving me accurate quarter inch seems. (What the what?! How does it suddenly change?!) So I'll need to measure the last few blocks and see if they need to be redone. It's always something, right?! 

Just like last time, my squares are on the right, with the sample squares from the book on the left. 

   Block No 9 : Blue Swirls

Block No 9 : Blue Swirls

   Block No 10   : Teal + Aqua

Block No 10 : Teal + Aqua

   Block No 11   : Gold Fish

Block No 11 : Gold Fish

   Block No 12   : Field of Green

Block No 12 : Field of Green

   Block No 13   : Criss Cross

Block No 13 : Criss Cross

   Block No 14   : I-have-no-name-for-this

Block No 14 : I-have-no-name-for-this

   Block No 15   : Again-no-name-yet

Block No 15 : Again-no-name-yet

And then the other project I've been working on. It *totally* doesn't belong in a stashdown post since... uh... I bought all of this recently. If anything, it belongs in a "my-kids-are-driving-me-crazy-so-i-bought-a-ton-of-fabric" post. But, now that I have it... it's technically stash, right?!

I "stumbled" across a pattern in Quilt Now that I loved from the second I saw it. (I tend to like at least three of the patterns in every issue...  but none that have made me drop everything to start it.) Spencer was sitting next to me at the time and commented, "Oh, I like that one!" Within hours I had a plan in mind. And by that time the next night, I had stacks of triangles sitting on my table. 

Want a sneak peek? 


I'm still tweaking/thinking... but it does make a cute backdrop as well...

{Holy cow, that kid needs a haircut! ... And a clean shirt. Oy.} 

I'm quickly learning that the one problem with a "design wall" is that *someone* likes to "help clean up." I came back from switching the laundry and discovered that he had very nicely taken down the lowest three rows and stacked them in a pile on the floor.  Gaugh!

At least he posed for a photo with his "hep." ["help."] This is one of those times where you say, "Good thing you are so cute!" 

And now for a real teaser. If all goes according to plan—and I figure out what is going on with my quarter-inch foot—this might become something this week:

Of course, that's also dependent on the weather behaving and everyone being where they need to be this week. (That would be anywhere but "helping" me!)