Color Monday

I've been reading Jennie's blog for a few months now (maybe more, it's all a blur these days) and always enjoyed when she posted "Color Mondays" last year. I loved seeing what other quilters would do too. (Hi Kate!) I'm part designer, part photographer, and wannabe quilter... so color makes me ridiculously happy. This link-up that she created spoke to my creative side. Clearly! 

This year I'm playing along. My first image choice was a no-brainer for me. It's one I took in Seoul of the infamous painted rafters. This blog started as a journey to our first son, it continued to document our Korean American family, and now we cheer on others as they go through their journeys. (A good friend is in Korea to bring her son home!!!)

Korea gave us so much more than our children... it made us a family—yes—but it gave us lifelong friends and a much richer life. We've incorporated the culture and the customs into our family (to some extent) and one day... I'd love to create a quilt that pays homage to that. 

So here you have it... the colors that immediately come to mind when I think of my children's birth country:

Oh man. Now I want to go back and photograph those rafters again. Sans crazy kiddos running around my feet.