Snapshot #10 : Flying Solo

Outside my {car} window {this morning}: It's freezing and snowy. But there is just enough snow that it's pretty... and not so much that it's problematic. That said, I totally walked down a major roadway where cars zoom through at 40-ish MPH to get this. It has no shoulder, so it really was a scenario where I "risked life and limb." But worth it... no?!  

I am thinking: About life balance. Seriously. So much to do, so little time to get it done. I've made some strides in getting caught up if nothing else... but I still need to figure out the rest of it. And by "figure out" I mean avoid falling so miserably behind every few months. Why is it so hard?!

I am thankful for:  IKEA continuing the sale on their "Besta" system. Shallow, but true. Unexpected car repairs derailed my purchase plans last month. Now I just need to get up there this week to pick it up. Easier said then done with a toddler in tow. 

I'm also thankful that Doug is returning from his business trip tomorrow. He left on Saturday and it's been a loooong, loooong week. There's a big difference in the trips that go Monday – Friday and those that go Saturday – Friday. I'm crawling to the finish line here. 

I am wondering:  If I will ever break 10,000 steps on an average day around here. My guess is "not until it warms up." That's a much harder goal than I was expecting it to be! 

I'm also wondering if it's normal for a 1st grader to suffer from anxiety? I think not? But he comes home at least once or twice a week complaining of stomach pains. The first month of school, I got it. But still?? Guess it's time to get back to the pediatrician with him. (It's really, really not supposed to be this hard. Is it?!) 

Last 3 purchases: Fabric (shocker!), groceries, and... I have no idea. Oh wait, yes I do! I bought a gift for Doug's birthday. 

Dinner plans: Lipton Noodle Soup and Saltines for the boys, a freezer meal for me. Hey, I said I was crawling to the finish line... 

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Sleeping in on Saturday. I don't sleep well at all when Doug travels... nor do the boys. I'm pretty sure there was one night of three wake-ups, but the rest were four or more. I'm beat. And when I get tired my anxiety and stress levels go off the charts. (I'm listening if anyone has some suggestions on that. I hate feeling this way.)  I'm also planning on kicking them out of the house and sewing for a bit. 

Kid funnies: 

Milo: "knuck knuck" Me: "knuck knuck?!" Milo: [raps on table] "Knuck Knuck!" Me: "OH! Who's there?!" Milo: "Oh-ee" [orange] Me: "Orange who?!" Milo: "Oh-ee and App-uh pize!" [Orange and Apple Surprise!] Already making original jokes up. I'm in so much trouble down the road. 

Spencer: "Man, I rock this look." [Said while wearing some crazy, mixed-up outfit with his hair in a "faux hawk" that really looked like spikes coming out of his head.]

I am reading: Lots of teen fiction. I'm just needing the quick, lighthearted reads these days. I have plenty of "heavy" books that need to get read as well... but getting through the days the past couple of weeks has been hard enough lately. (Plus, I've had bronchitis, sinusitis, and conjunctivitis in the last month. And one case of "not strep" ... you know, where the test is negative but you would swear it should be positive?! That means easy-peasy reads... right?!) 

In the kitchen: Clean, shiny floors! Hooray! And a shining sink! It's the small things that make me really, really happy.   

Watching: I'm marathoning my way through "The Good Wife" and "Royal Pains" right now. No real reason why I chose them... but it's been good background for projects. I've also gotten completely sucked into "The Paradise" (thanks Melissa!)  And Downton. Oh... Downton. I really, really did not care for you last season... but this season... you're back to the show I know and love! (so far at least!) 

On my frequent playlist: The "Pitch Perfect" soundtrack ... both boys are obsessed and it's adorable to hear them singing along. I've also downloaded a cd of monks chanting. It keeps me centered. How's that for complete opposite ends of the spectrum!? 

Snacking on:  Cheez-its and sourdough pretzels. And that Trader Joe's "cookie spread" and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I'm stressed, see?! 

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Survival. Not. Joking. 

  This pretty much sums up the week...

This pretty much sums up the week...

  This guy though... a champ. A tired champ, but helping more than hurting. 

This guy though... a champ. A tired champ, but helping more than hurting. 

  But we've got a bit of the crazy too... don't you worry!! (Does he not look like a vampire?! Or a bat?!) 

But we've got a bit of the crazy too... don't you worry!! (Does he not look like a vampire?! Or a bat?!)