Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015 friends!! Can you believe it? I can't. 

Last night we had a low-key evening of a simple dinner with sparkling juice and some lantern launching. It was the perfect amount of "festive" while still allowing bedtime to happen according to schedule. (Which is always my priority.) 

While the launching of sky lanterns is a new tradition to our family, it's an old tradition in many Asian countries. (I purchased the lanterns for last year's New Year... but jet lag foiled my plans! I'm shocked they survived the year living in my office.) Sky lanterns represent luck and prosperity and are viewed as a way to send wishes up to the heavens, where they can be heard better. So that's exactly what we did. We each lit a lantern, made a wish, and released them to the sky. Or at least, I did. I cannot vouch for the others... although that was clearly outlined in my instructions. This morning, Milo is still running to the back sliders and exclaiming "Up!" as he looks for his lantern. Sorry buddy, it's long gone! And Spencer is declaring that we should also do it for Seollal next month. I believe it was a hit. 

Our local market has a "Kids Club," which is their take on the tradition of giving children a complimentary cookie or slice of bologna. At the check-out area, there is a little kiosk to scan their "kids club" cards (just like those little loyalty cards we all have ourselves). Upon scanning, the kiosk prints out an activity sheet and tells them to pick a treat from the accompanying stand. The treats range from cookies to bouncy balls to pencils, to fruit. It's been a huge hit with the boys, and this week Spencer was excited to see a "Happy New Year" worksheet print out. I thought the questions were so smart—and fun—that I wanted to record them here.

Spencer's Answers

A Little about Me

Favorite game: Monopoly (Empire)
Favorite book: Titanic (National Geographic Kids)
Favorite color: blue!
Favorite food: kimchi

Best Things From 2014

Favorite memory: Going to G-Ma and G-Pa's this summer!
Learned the most: Language (Reading) 
Hardest thing to do: Get rid of Milo {Editor's note: Good luck with that one!}

My Hopes for 2015

I hope to learn: To read better
I hope to visit: New York City and Disney World! {Editor's note: GULP!}
I hope to become better at: rock climbing

{If you look very, very closely... you might see that two "big boy" teeth have popped through the gums!}

Milo's Answers (with help)

A Little about Me

Favorite game: choo choo!
Favorite book: The Pout-Pout Fish
Favorite color: red (?)
Favorite food: EVERYTHING.

Best Things From 2014

Favorite memory: n/a
Learned the most: language (words) 
Hardest thing to do: listen to Mama and Daddy

My Hopes for 2015

I hope to learn: Patience 
I hope to visit: G-Pa!!! 
I hope to become better at: pooping on the potty

Happy New Year!!! Wishing you all the best in 2015!