On the Eve of a New Year...

{Hi friends! Did you have a happy holiday(s)?! Ours was merry and bright... and crazy and chaotic. I would have expected nothing less.}

I was thinking about doing a snapshot post. But, I decided against it. I was thinking about doing a Wordless Wednesday post. But, I decided against it. I feel compelled to write... but unsure of what format to put it in. So... 

Maybe I'll just dive in...

So long, 2014. You were one heck of a rough year.

We started the year jet lagged but on a high from completing our first trip to Korea (and meeting Milo, of course!) That led to uncertainty and trepidation as we waited and waited for final court approval. At the end of January, we were told there was a "hiccup" with our case and that we should know "something" by the end of February (or March.) That was perhaps the hardest bump in this long and bumpy adoption road. So imagine our surprise when we received a call late at night, that first week of February, asking us to be on a plane in two days. Insanity kind of sums up the following 54 hours. (And then some!) 

And then... we were four. In the blink of an eye and the beat of a heart. Four. Forever. 

And boy was THAT a challenge we were not prepared for. In some part of our beings (a dark, buried part) we knew it could be tough. Would be tough. But were we expecting the challenges we faced? Not. even. close. Egad. Ten months into this whole "family of four" thing, we seem to have figured out how to diffuse the situations that arise, even if we can't always avoid them. But... even though it feels like we still have oh-so-far to go, we realize that we have already made great strides. 

We've celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. We've had work successes and challenges. We've battled illness and celebrated better health management. We've struggled to find balance while [trying] to appreciate the moments of joy. 

All in all... a typical year. Kind of. 

But one where the moments of joy and happiness were few and far between and the challenges and struggles seemed harder and more intense. Maybe this is what it's like when you get older. Maybe it was just an off year. Whatever it was... I'm more than ready to ring in 2015 in a few hours! At the much more reasonable and family-friendly time of 8PM. I no longer have the ability to stay up to midnight with these two crazies in my life! (Yes, crazies. Cute and lovable... but totally crazy.) 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I'll be back soon with a "Goals for 2015" ... after not having any last year, I really want to get back to them! Spoiler alert: one of them is "better email management."