Finish-It-Up & Flashback Friday

How's that for lumping together two completely unrelated topics based on first letters?! {wink} 

One of my New Year goals is going to be "more crafting time" and maybe "less unfinished projects" ... but I can make no promises on the latter. It seems that I may end up with more unfinished projects if I actually get more time to craft. (And then I can lump together "Wordless Wednesday" with the yet-to-be-created "WIP [Work In Progress] Wednesday"! Alliteration rules.) And with the more crafting time, I also plan to post more of what I'm working on here. You have been warned. :) (And I may even get the nerve to link up with others. That's a bigger goal though!) 

For now, I'm sharing a project I've had under wraps for a long time. Good friends of ours just recently brought home their second son from Korea. I knew as soon as they got their referral that I wanted to knit the boys coordinating hats. They whipped up very quickly, but I waited until they received the travel call to send them. Let me tell you... there is nothing more rewarding than seeing them ON the boys! Both of them! Together! My heart swells. 

I based my hats on this pattern from loop. I used Berroco Weekend in two tones of coordinating blues and greens. I am so in love with how they came out. So much so that I may need to whip some up for my boys! 

Also finished jjjuuuusssttt in time for the holidays is my very first "real, honest to goodness, follow a pattern" [mini] quilt! OK, OK, it's a table runner. But! I followed a pattern! It came out! And it's finished! Never mind that it took {cough} two months {cough} to do. Whatevs. Man, this quilting thing can totally be a mind game! 

I took a class at my local quilt shop, with a very sweet and patient instructor, to get the basics down. And honestly, I had finished the majority of the top in that afternoon. But I got completely psyched out by the quilting and binding. Funny how that works.

The pattern is from Angles with Ease, and the fabric is mostly from my stash. (All except one!) Backing and binding discovered at JoAnn's. Quilting kept simple and is just around the trees and trunks. 

I have one little "oopsie" to fix on the binding... but... I really, really love how it came out. (I'll get better at binding... right?!) 

AND... I actually think I might be able to do it again. On my own! Maybe. 

And the Flashback part of this post?! How about being almost up to date on my Project 365?! I've never, ever in all my years of doing a Project 365 only been a week behind in December. (I've been known to be editing photos from May at this point in years past. Or worse. Oy.) 

So, if you so choose... you can see the year in review over at Shuttercal! WOOT! 

For ease:

Not only are they all posted and captioned over on Shuttercal... I've got half of the book layout created. GO. ME.