It's Santa!!!

First, why don't we start with a little "Throwback Thursday"?! As many of my longtime readers know, Spencer is a big-time fan of the man himself. You know... the man in the red suit with the white beard and the bowl of jello in his belly?! SANTA! Spencer's been known to visit him multiple times a season... in fact, I believe that 2010 was the year of seven visits and 2011 was the year of the iconic, "Santa!!! I know him!!" declaration that gave many mall shoppers fits of giggles. 

Last year, unfortunately, we didn't get to see Santa more than once. (And it was not a very good picture.) A travel call in the beginning of December and less than 12 days to get packed and on a plane halfway around the world took precedence. So my throwback is to my all-time favorite photo of Spencer and Santa, taken in NYC in 2012:


{You can read all about this visit, and several previous ones HERE. Or you can see other "throwback" photos of Spencer and Santa HERE.}

Well, it turns out that Spencer is not the only Santa fan here. When Milo spotted him at his "Mall Office," he ran right over and proceeded to wait [impatiently] in line for his turn. As soon as Santa turned towards him, he ran over and jumped on his lap. The rest of the visit went like this:

Santa: "Were you a good boy this year?!" 
Milo: "YETZ!"
Santa: "And what do..."
Milo: "Choo Choo!!! CHOO CHOO!!! CHOOOOO CHOOOO!!!
[Turns towards the camera]
Milo: "Cheez! Bye!" 


He then jumped down, blew a kiss and ran over to the computer push aaaaalll the buttons to print his photo. I'm not sure who was laughing harder... Santa or the girl taking the photo! 

Turns out he's just like his brother. Already a seasoned pro.