Snapshot #6 : Monday, Funday

{In full disclosure... I started writing this on Sunday... which makes for a much better title of "Sunday, Funday"... but... time. Never, ever enough time.}  I've decided that I really like these snapshot posts. I have two really long (and really funny) posts in the works... but this style both clears the cobwebs, and captures where we are at in life.

Outside my window: When I started it was a cloudy afternoon... as I finish this, the sun has set on a beautiful, clear fall day.

I am thinking: About the transition to school. Still. Thanks for all the sweet words on the post, as well as the emails of support that came pouring in. (and the texts!) It's slowly getting better. In fact, I was finally, finally able to document a TEAR-FREE pick-up at school last Friday! Whhooohooo!! Of course, that didn't last... Oy.


I'm also thinking about putting the finishing touches on the new blog design. It won't actually happen this week... but  I'm thinking about it. That's a step forward... right!? And I'm thinking about how to decorate the front door for Halloween. And—on that note—I'm thinking about weeding the walkway. It won't actually happen... but I think about it often. Does that count for anything!?

I am thankful for: Is it shallow to say "bedtime"?

I am wondering: If I should cut my hair before family photos at the end of this month. I know the boys all need a cut... but I can't decide if I want one too.

Last 3 purchases: A sweater for Spencer's school photos (he chose this one), legos (for me), and a cool Halloween activity. I also scored some pretty sweet groupon-type deals... but I feel like I haven't really "bought" them til I use them. Weird, I know.

Dinner plans: I made one of the favorite meals here. It's called a Korean Beef Bowl. I call it "Cheater Bulgogi" since it totally satisfies that soy sauce/sesame oil/meat craving we get around here. It takes less than twenty minutes to whip up (not including rice) and everyone clears their plate. That's a winner!


Future plans I'm looking forward to: I'm risking sounding like a broken record... but... my quilting class on Saturday. Let's be honest here. I think I'm mostly looking forward to being out of the house—alone—for a [several hour] period of time. We also have plans to go pumpkin (or apple, depending on who you ask) picking this weekend. For reasons I cannot disclose right now, this is a very busy, very stressful week for me. I'm really, really just hoping I make it to the weekend without the wheels falling off over here. Positive thoughts would be appreciated.

Kid funny: From Spencer: "Mom, you will never believe this!! There's a teacher at school... and her job... is to MAKE. LUNCH." (Does anyone else want to sing Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady" song now?!)

Like I've said before... Milo isn't verbal enough to be funny. (and he's being a bit of a punk lately.) But watching him on the dropcam always cracks me up. Especially when he comes over and tries to "ring" it like a doorbell.

IMG_2098 IMG_2100

I am reading: Outlander. Again. Now that "Outlander, the show" is on hiatus... I'm re-living it in book format. (And re-watching episodes. Who am I kidding?!) I also just picked up "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty at the library. I may switch to that!

In the kitchen: I hate this category since my answer is always "It's a mess!" That's pretty much a constant here. Boo. That said... it's better than normal. And it's chock full of food and snacks. Not everyone can say that so for that, I am grateful.

Watching: Well, now that Outlander is on hiatus... I've gone back to Netflix. I've got "House Hunters," "Vampire Diaries," "Once Upon a Time," and "Call the Midwives" in rotation right now. And of course, I've got several favorites in my hulu queue.

On my frequent playlist: I've got nothing this week. I've been listening to a lot of reading from a 6-year-old in the car... which means no music. I'll take the trade-off though!

Snacking on: Everything. Give me aaaaallll the snacks. Sad, but true.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Uhm, nothing. It's late! Maybe some knitting although I just finished a bunch of gifts for littles... so, maybe not. Realistically it will be some reading and an early bedtime.