Friday Photos : First Day


For better or for worse... we have made it through our first three weeks of school. On one hand, I feel like it's silly to post these so late... on the other, I'd hate for them to never be documented. Especially with how much fun we had last year looking back at "first day" photos on the "last day."

So here's Spencer. On the First Day of First Grade. (It was a half day / dress down day) It's funny to write this post now, when we are in a not-so-great place... because on that first day he was soooo very excited. And soooo very nervous. Up early and talking non-stop. Wait. That's every day. So that... intensified by 1,000.

Just like last year, we all went in with him. We found his hook, dropped off his bag and his school supplies... and then headed over to the drop-off area. Some quick hugs and kisses goodbye and he was off to play with his friends! But, we've now been down this road before... and again, just like last year... the tears started when I picked him up, and he refused to talk about his day. (Three weeks in and he still won't talk about it!) He was even saying he didn't want to go to the back-to-school cookout! But, we powered through and he ended up having a fabulous time! (I'm sure that had something to do—yet again—with being able to play with all the bigger kids there!)

And without further ado ... here's our FIRST GRADER!




{It's not a photo shoot with Spencer without goofy faces!}


{And it's not a photoshoot without Milo "helping."}


{Ready to take on a brand new year!}