This & That Thursday

{I think I need to create a "Random Thoughts" category...} I signed up for a quilting class! Ok. Not a quilt, but a table runner. But that counts... right?! It's one three-hour class held on a Saturday afternoon. It seems to cover all the basics of quilt making and is geared towards the "confident beginner." I think I fall more under the category of "advanced sewer who bumbled her way into quilting." Yet, it works. The time commitment is perfect for me and when the childcare stars aligned... I knew it was meant to be. I'm excited. Very excited.


Also exciting is the fact that I got my email down to 55 messages to respond too. That's HUGE for me. HUGE. Of course... several of those require thought-out responses. Responses that I need to think about are hard these days. Who has time to think?!


Also hard... As of tomorrow, we will be three weeks into the school year. Aaaannnddd... I'm not so sure that it's going as well as it could be. Actually, no. I KNOW it's not going as well as it could be. Nightmares are up. Nervous tics have increased. Drop-offs and pick-ups can leave us both in tears. And twice now, I've picked up a child who feels like he "is going to throw up." I don't like to use the term anxiety... but it's starting to feel like he's overly anxious about school. I need to gather my thoughts to write a full post on this... but it's clear that I need to set up a meeting with his teachers.

Bbbbuuuutttt... I have started to research homeschool. I know. Words that I never thought I would speak. Or type. {In case you were wondering, that huge thud was my husband passing out as he read the same words.} I'm pretty sure there is a high chance of Spencer and I killing each other if we went down the homeschool path. But, this is a brain dump kind of post and that's what's in my brain these days. And I'm not throwing the towel in yet on school! (Not even close. I really, really fear the parent I will become if we homeschool.) [I hesitated to write those two paragraphs since I know that some of our fellow Montessori Moms read this. Shhhh. Please.]


{On a happy note... I love this quick snap of him.}


Then the flip side... Milo has a sitter situation! He loves it, and I don't. I'm really, really struggling to work in the confines of the new schedule. Part of it is that I'm distracted by life and the school stress... but I'm also finding it really hard to work in such short bursts. It's not how I'm most effective. It's a new situation so I'm trying to take it one day at a time... Hopefully the kinks will all work out soon. In the meantime, I may just blog about work-life balance. Or lack thereof.


{I also love this quick snap of this guy.}


All of this makes me really, really wish that we had year-round school. I feel like what we are going through right now is basically going to sum up every September (and October?!) from now until 2026. {Oh.My.LORD.}


Let's turn this post around... shall we?!

We've been enjoying the last burst of summer-esque weather by getting outside after school. Lots of time spent biking and scooting. Trying to savor it before we can barely get from the car to the house without freezing.




This package of paper goodies from neatography makes me giddy. Review post (and guest post elsewhere) coming soon!



While I am struggling with work-life balance... I have been rocking the whole chores thing. I'm on top of laundry for once... having been planning and cooking meals like a boss... and am slowly making my way through the "one day I should" list. This week I got rid of my junk drawer, and cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. File that under "Winning!"


And to round out this post on the same topic on which it started....

With a mere 3 months until Christmas... I'm 95% sure that I'm going to commit/pledge to have a handmade holiday. Yes, clearly I've lost my mind. And... HOW IN THE WORLD IS CHRISTMAS GOING TO BE HERE IN THREE MONTHS??!?!


How about we wrap up this "This & That [Thursday]" with a little "Throwback [Thursday]" to last month when we were dashing down to the beach for afternoon swims:



That's all folks!