Chuseok 2014

{Where, oh where, is the time going these days!? Egad. I have a goal in September to catch up on reading blogs... and writing posts. And digging out of my email inbox. We shall see if I succeed!} Anyway...

It's Chuseok! Otherwise known as "Korean Thanksgiving." While today is the actual holiday, it's celebrated for three days... this year falling on September 7, 8, and 9. I was planning to give you all my interpretation of this holiday... but then the boys took a while to fall asleep, there were dishes to do, and I still have laundry to fold. So, instead... I'm linking to wikipedia,  visitkorea, and asiasociety if you want to learn more. If you want to read what I've said on the subject in the past, click here. (And if that doesn't work... you can enter "Chuseok" in the search box in the top right!)

Moving on...

In years past, we've made a bigger to-do about this holiday. We've eaten our fill of Korean food, dressed Spencer in his hanbok, and even watched a few Korean dramas. This year... it fell right at the start of school, so we've had to adjust slightly. We've downplayed the holiday since we've had to majorly "up play" how cool and awesome school is. (More on that in the next post.) But, it's been on our radar screen and in our hearts, even if it's a quieter celebration this year.

Tonight I served a [new to us] Korean meal—Dakjjim—that everyone had seconds of... and this coming weekend the boys will get to pick out some Korean treats at the market. But (of course!) we made sure to make them don their hanboks and pose for some photos. While I love to celebrate this holiday to keep their Korean culture alive for them... I also really love the opportunity to dress them in their traditional Korean clothing. The cuteness just slays me.

[That said, I realized that this is absolutely the last time Spencer can wear this hanbok. I'm completely regretting not purchasing the boys hanboks when we were in Korea in the winter! (Tactical error!)]


When I took these photos, I texted a friend that I would be lucky if I got five "keepers." That was probably influenced by the fact that I had little to no cooperation through most of this shoot and while doing the shoot I was eaten alive by bugs. I was irritated and annoyed. Once I got home and downloaded them, I think I got a few more than five (Although—honestly—I only love five of the images below because I am waaaayyyy too picky about image focus and quality.) Here are my favorites. (Without any more chitter chatter from me... cause I'm really struggling to write this post... is it reading as weird as I feel writing it?! Blegh!)











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