Last Post Placement

{I'm woefully behind on reading and responding to blogs... This "working during summer break" thing is no joke! I'm also woefully behind on client emails... but that's a worry for post-bedtime.} This morning, we had our final post placement visit. For those of you following along at home... this also means we've been home for six months. Six. Months. How did that happen?! Ohmygoodness. On one hand... I cannot believe we've been home six months and are still battling the battles. On the other hand... we are so much further along than we were. And—even better—we will never, ever have to relive those six months. One day I'll blog about them. Maybe.

For now, we celebrate that we are DONE with the post placements. D.O.N.E. Done with all the official requirements of this process. D.O.N.E. We no longer have any boxes to check per our agencies. And that feels pretty darn good.

With each post placement report, we submit photos for our social worker to send along to Korea. Each time, I try to represent him with family. So far that has consisted of a few photos with Spencer and two with Doug and I. (One with Doug, one with me.) For our final placement, I thought it was high time to send a family photo. Especially since I felt confident that we could get one where everyone was smiling. So I pulled out the tripod, grabbed the remote trigger, and shot. I actually think we got a keeper or two! And clearly, we are very happy to be done. :)








{I think this last one is perfect for the holiday card... no?!}

{I'm totally kidding.}