The Quilting Gene

{I'm posting this here since I know that some of my readers actually can quilt... whereas I'm just faking it these days.} After finishing Milo's quilt, I was pretty sure that I was taking off my faux-quilter hat. And then I fell in love with fat quarters. And then I started pinning quilt patterns like it was my job. And then I saw this in my not-so-local quilting/knitting store:


{"Make a Splash" by Moda}

And I swooned for a little while before putting it back. But then all the ladies there convinced me that I could do it. (Exact words: "Anyone can quilt...") It was simple! I just had to lay it out and sew it up! Well, I am not quite sure what my problem is... but it's not easy. Maybe I don't have the quilting gene?! Maybe I need a book titled "Crash Course in Quilting"?! Cause I'm spending a whole lot of time doing this:


And it still looks a little wiggly-waggly:


Huh. Anyone know where I can find some "How to start quilting" tutorials online?! Because me thinks I need them!

Oh, and if you are wondering how I managed to sew, seam rip, sew, seam rip, and sew again... and then blog...

The underside of a folding table is very, very interesting when you have a pretend drill!