Mixing it up...


I think that it's pretty obvious that life has been challenging since we returned home with Milo. (Or maybe not since I barely come by this spot anymore. Oh wait, I only stop by to complain... don't I?!) There are a lot of reasons for this, many of which I probably won't share in such a public forum... but some of which I will. Eventually. Right now though, we are very much "in the thick of it." Life is just hard. This transition has been rough. It's been ugly. There is a lot of work to do, and a lot of steps to take.

And, it's summer break. Which brings it's own set of challenges.

Some days, life is okay... even bordering on good. Other days... well, they are just outright horrible. And every once in a while, you have a day where you see a glimmer that it could be great. One day.

It's hard to parent a child that doesn't really want to be loved by you. It's hard to parent a child that has so much anger and rage in his little body that neither one of you know how to manage yet. It's hard to fight the same battles day after day after day without seeing any improvement for weeks at a time. It's hard to keep plodding forward. It's. Just. Hard.

But, we'll keep taking steps forward, pushing towards that good place. We've got some help (in the form of books and people who know what they are talking about) in our corner. Finally. We'll get there...

But in the meantime, I miss my little corner of the inter webs. I miss blogging. I miss reading the thoughts of other bloggers. But I'm so, so tired of battling the transition woes here that I don't want to blog. At least not about this. I want to read my blogs and find the escape I so desperately need. I need to bring back the joy.

So, I'm mixing it up. I'm not sure how to approach it yet. Do I keep blogging here and mix in more of what I want to talk about and less of how the kiddos are doing? Or do I take up a new residence on the web and start there?  Do I randomly pop in to mark milestones for Milo and Spencer, or do I do weekly update posts to look back on one day? I don't know. All I know is that I've earmarked some time every few days to write. Somewhere.


Note: I don't understand what Flickr is doing. If you happen to blog on the wordpress platform and use Flickr, I'd love if you can tell me how to insert photos. This uploading them to my server and hosting them is for the birds!