Today, Milo turns TWO. It's a little bit of an unfathomable idea for me since I feel like just the other week I was blogging about missing his first birthday. It feels like just the other day I was in court on the day after Christmas. And has it really been four months since he joined us permanently?! But it seems as though I've blinked, and here it is... his second birthday!

Last year, I created a list of hopes and wishes for our little one. At that time, we only had outdated bits of information and a handful of photos. This year, we have him with us! Instead of creating a birthday care package based on tidbits we have read about him, we got to shop for him knowing what he likes. (And what size he is... which appears to be our biggest faux paux of the whole care package era.) We purchased a sweet little cake, with a sweet little candle. We have a few presents wrapped... even if he will be happiest hunting down big brother's toys as soon as he goes off to school. And we have a few special treats in store. Instead of hoping that the foster family is highlighting the day for him... we are the ones who get to sing him a birthday song, give him lots of extra hugs, and acknowledge that yes—this day is a little more special than all the others.


That said, while he is here with us... four months is really not a long enough time to get to know someone. Especially when you are caught in the trenches of adoption transitions and attachment difficulties. Some days are unfortunately more about getting through the day than learning new little gems on Pint-Sized. So instead of a more traditional, stats-type post (which would surely depress me)—I'm continuing the list of hopes and wishes...


I hope you have an extra special day, where you feel all the love surrounding you. Not only here, but in the hearts of those you have touched along the way... your birth mother, both your foster mothers, and your social workers. All of them—I'm sure—will have you on their minds and in their hearts.

I wish you joy… not only today, but every day.

I hope there really is something to that "language explosion" that is supposed to happen at two... I'd love to hear you talk.

I wish you a day of all your favorite "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Daniel Tiger" songs on repeat.

I hope you jump yourself silly listening to them!

I wish you a day filled with bubbles and balloons... and maybe some extra water play.

I hope this is the year you discover the joy of green vegetables.

I wish you lots of new discoveries this year... near and far, large and small.

I hope you get to see a few neighborhood dogs since they give you such joy.

I wish we had already had more time together... so I knew what was most likely to bring out that silly little laugh of yours.

I hope you enjoy your first taste of cake. (Even if it isn't your first taste, can you pretend for me?!)

I wish you peace in your heart and your mind. This has been really, really hard for you these past four months. And, I wish I could magically take the anguish and pain you hold away.

I hope you know that we will always do our best to make each and every wish of yours come true.


Today, we celebrate two... as a family of four. I hope that it's a wish come true for all of us already.

Happy Birthday Milo. Happy Birthday.


Note: The beautiful hanbok in the photos above was gifted to Pint-Sized by his foster mother. It's one of the most generous and thoughtful gifts he's ever received... While it was intentionally bought to "be grown into," I can already tell I will be crushed when it no longer fits.