Five Years of Family...

This Monday, we celebrated five years with Spencer. Five. Years. It's almost hard to fathom. On one hand, how can it be five years already... and on the other, how is it already five years?! (Oh time, you are such a sneaky thing.) I've shared before about the day Spencer joined our family, so I won't put you through that again...But... Today, as I reflect back on that day, I find myself even more emotional now than I have been in the past. This day—"Spencer Day" as we call it here—is perhaps one of the most special days of the year for us. It's not a birthday, it's not a holiday... and to most people, it's just another day. But to us, April 28th 2009 is the day that so much changed. We all discovered new levels of love, courage, and hope that day. And over the years, our family of three (and now four!) evolved and grew in so many ways I never knew possible. We've celebrated joys and accomplishments and made our way through trials and tribulations. Our journey has brought us so far, and given us so much to be grateful for. So, to us, it's not just another day... it's a day we celebrate family... and one special boy who made it all happen.

Five years ago, I became a Mama. Five years ago two became three. Five years ago this curly-haired bundle of energy and curiosity joined our family. Our "little adventurer," "our crazy kiddo," our "smarty-mcparty."

{Spencer on the day we met him, two days before he joined us forever.}

 And now...

This boy... this boy... still continues to bring incredible amounts of love, joy, craziness, laughter, tricks, treats, smarts, and silliness to our lives daily. (Along with the more trying emotions of any child... but let's focus on the positives for now.) This boy is one of those kiddos that lights up a room when he enters, and brings smiles to even the grumpiest of grumps. He's got a personality that shines brighter than the sun. Every day I'm amazed that I get to parent him. I get to love him and laugh with him. I get to celebrate his successes, and wipe away the tears from the disappointments. I get to watch him grow and learn. I get to raise him... I get to call him my son.

And it all started five years ago—halfway around the world—in a room with bright yellow couches, a lot of love, two very nervous parents... and one very brave baby boy.